Keymoji -- Text to emoji translation

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I love that it automates a process that we do already when using Emoji, and enables us to get even more creative.
@alexia Thanks Alexia! Please let us know your feedback! or
@alexia here is the original keymoji product hunt link. we appreciate your feedback! Keymoji is built by our users!
@alexia Hi Alexia - thank you again for the love from TechCrunch! We love that you love the keyboard and we can't wait for your feedback internally! Also one thing is the original Product Hunt post for Keymoji is here : Happy Keymoji'ing!
My buddy @davidkmckinney is working on a similar app, Emoji Type, coming very soon.
@rrhoover Hi Ryan - would you mind combining the two Product Hunt links to Keymoji into one? Seems like they got separated along the way :-) and