Emoji Autocomplete Keyboard

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Saw @mikebeas' story on @9to5mac in my news feed and instantly thought of emoji addicts like @nivo0o0. Add cookies from @britandco ( and you're all set! πŸͺπŸ’‰
@techtidbitsme hi guys im founder of keymoji (literati labs) - this is all very overwhelming and i thank u from the πŸ‘‡ of my ❀. We are a small team in πŸŒ‰ AND πŸŽ₯
@techtidbitsme ahhh! this is awesome. Their iTunes description is πŸ‘Œ -- Emoji will never be the same again.
@techtidbitsme feel free to πŸ“§ me any feedback at
@bruinengineer ryan please make product hunt app support emoji! allnmy posts are illegible :-)
@bruinengineer guys a little bit ab my background. I founded AdColony and sold it early this summer to Opera Software. Retired from AdColony and got bored - which let to a lot of thinking ab iOS8 which led to Keymoji. Im going to approach Keymoji and with the same mindset as I did with AdColony : solve 1 problem and solve it well. Can't wait for your honest feedback. Be brutally honest. We want to make a great product for the ecosytem. Im in the Clocktower in SOMA. Cheers.
any feedback on the app? would love to hear. quick link to appstore is