AI For Customer Happiness

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Keatext’s AI platform mimics human comprehension of text to interpret customers’ written feedback across various channels to highlight recommendations improving the customer experience. The solution enables organizations to audit customer satisfaction, identify new trends, and keep track of the impact of actions or events affecting the clients.



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Andrea Hill@afhill · Founder, Frameplay Consulting LLC
Dig this idea - I was investigating something similar for customer discovery for startups. I assume you're going after larg(ish) orgs given the salesforce integration. Any other specific segments you think really need your product?
Catherine Constantinides@catconstant · Marketing Director for Keatext
@afhill Hey Andrea, so happy you are digging Keatext! :) You just made my day! To answer your question, we're actually targeting the SMB and tech startup space. Anyone who has a decent user base and is logging more that a few hundred customer interactions per month could benefit from our solution. We've seen a lot of interest from SaaS companies, retail, consumer packaged goods and hospitality. Hope that helps, let's connect! Love your video posts on Twitter!
Catherine Constantinides@catconstant · Marketing Director for Keatext
Thanks for the votes peeps!
Catherine Constantinides@catconstant · Marketing Director for Keatext
Happy to post this :) Introducing the Keatext Salesforce Connector: The Keatext Salesforce® connector allows you to configure and analyze all of your Salesforce® objects in Keatext. Once you have connected to the Salesforce® database, Keatext keeps that connection in real-time. That means you won't have to keep uploading new data everytime you want to perform a new analysis. It's really awesome and saves you a ton of time. Once you've activated the Salesforce® integration in Keatxt we automatically generate an API key that you can use to authenticate the Salesforce® REST API.