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Hi everyone, We just launched an all-new Mac app that allows you share files quickly from the comfort of your desktop with a simple drag and drop to the menu bar. Now you can auto-upload screenshots, email files directly from the app, and share work even faster with built-in screenshot annotation, screen recording, and note-taking tools. While similar apps exist, Jumpshare stands out because we support collections (and nested folders), have the ability to view over 200 file formats online, and allow you to track your shared files. The best part? Everything works in real-time! When you share files, your recipients can see upload progress at your end. The moment upload completes, the preview appears instantly in the file viewer. It feels magical! All features mentioned above are for the Free plan. Jumpshare Plus offers additional features, such as, custom branding, advanced sharing options, Analytics, and more. Check out the complete list of features here: https://jumpshare.com/plus Product Hunters get 20% OFF for the first year (applies to yearly subscription). Just tweet us or email us after you upgrade and we will refund you 20% of the amount. I am excited to get feedback from the Product Hunt community, and happy to answer any questions.
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@nakodari Looks pretty promising. Would love to review it, later next week. Keep it up!
@nakodari is a seasoned entrepreneur and takes pride in great design and well thought out functionality. His product - Jumpshares shows all of this qualities. Wonderful experience.
@mharis Thank you Haris! I am humbled.
This has been my go-to app for sharing files and screenshots for the last year and a half. I use it to quickly share screenshots and zip files with clients and fellow designers. I also use it to share logo proposals with clients because the web browser versions looks awesome.
@larkef What makes you choose this over Dropbox?
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@joe_blau There are many reasons. Jumpshare and Jumpshare Plus has a ton of unique and power user features. There are many I don't even use. However, some of the stuff I really like are: - Because Jumpshare Plus offers custom urls, so I can use http://files.larkef.com/filename. - I also like the Custom Branding option so people see my logo when they open the links and files; I think it looks professional. - I send a lot of logo proposals to clients and they can view it right in their web browser and Jumpshare just makes it look really nice.
Heard about it a while ago. Never used it. Just signed up and it was an amazing tool. Recommending to my design and content team at @Cloudways. Great work @nakidari.
@invinciblesaad Thank you Saad! Glad to hear you liked it. Happy sharing! :)
I like the UI of Jumpshare - Impressive work done by team.