🗣 Build cross-platform apps for Alexa and Google Home

Jovo is an open-source framework for voice apps. Build one code base that works on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Including analytics + database integrations, and more.

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18 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks a lot @chrismessina for hunting us! Jovo is an open source development framework for voice applications. The Amazon announcements from yesterday and the upcoming Google event next week show that the big platforms are working hard to push voice assistants into every household, smartphone, gadget, or car. This makes it difficult for developers to bet on the right platform to build their voice applications on. We don't want this to become the next iOS/Android situation. This is why we built Jovo for better cross-platform development (and beyond). Here are some features: * Node.js package to easily build for both Amazon Alexa and Google Home with only one code base * Integrations for Analytics, Databases, and Logging * Easy setup for either local prototyping or hosting on AWS Lambda * A User Object that makes it easy to store user specific data for more contextual experiences * Platform-specific features like Echo Show templates and Google Assistant suggestion chips Looking forward to answering any questions you have. @alexswetlow and I will be around all day 🙌 Thank you!

I have tried Jovo and it works great. I can recommend it to anyone.


Very easy handling, especially for non-coders or beginners.


Great tool, nothing to complain!

Jovo is great and team will continue to improve and expand product offering


ease of use


Amzn and Goog platforms are still a bit wonky

Congratulations, looks great! Is it already production ready?
@janoberhauser Thank you. Yes! People are already using it for live skills and google actions :)
@einkoenig Great thanks! Gonna check it out.
Fantastic team and product. Keep up with the great work @einkoenig!!
@tobdea Thanks a lot, man! Appreciate it 🐱