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Hi guys, I found that it takes too much effort going from having an idea to building an app and having the world use it. I wanted a way to have an idea, turn it into a fully functional native app, and share it with the world, all in the next 10 minutes, almost like writing a blog post. That's why I built Jason. Jason is a completely hackable iOS client that does what you tell it to do. You just write a script in JSON and load it from Jason. Jason then interprets it in realtime and turns it into a native app. Check out the gallery to see what's possible. For example here's a product hunt client I built yesterday, in 10 minutes. http://www.jasonclient.org/galle... You can use it right now. Here's what I had to go through to build that app: 1. I opened up my text editor. 2. Wrote a JSON. 3. Saved and shared it online. That took about 10 minutes and the app was LIVE immediately for anyone to use, simply by sharing the JSON url. Jason was extracted from production apps including Ethan and Textcast, which means it can do some serious stuff, probably anything you would need in a modern cloud-facing mobile app. In fact the current version of both Textcast and Ethan are running on Jason.
@gliechtenstein This is so cool! Just made a Jason site (site, right?) for Hardbound.co in like 20m! http://hardbound.pubstorm.site/h... How do we submit to the gallery?
@nbashaw Here's a horizontal version :) http://www.jasonbase.com/things/... (You can also open it using url scheme: jason://data/http://www.jasonbase.com/things/...) Let me think about the gallery I honestly haven't thought this through because I've been so focused on getting this out there. Please sign up for slack channel if you're interested we can chat there!
@gliechtenstein awesome! signed up for the slack as soon as I saw this, can't wait for the invite :)
@gliechtenstein this is so awesome. any chance you'll release something to let us ship apps without having to have users use the Jason app? I'd love to make some interesting stuff without having to say "go get Jason and copy in this URL"
Ethan you make awesome stuff
@leachy114 Thanks! πŸ‘Š
First off, WOW! I'm a fan and excited where this goes. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ‰
Mind = BLOWN