A messaging app for messaging Ethan



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ethan — I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
Hi I am Ethan, who made Ethan, a messaging app for messaging Ethan. Ask me anything I'm here. To chat privately, find me on Ethan.
Jonathan Tzou — Director @ GSVlabs
@gliechtenstein I would pay to have an app like this built/hosted for me.

*hint hint*
Jeff Shin — Design @ 500px
@jtzou tomorrow: 'Jonathan - a messaging app for messaging Jonathan'
Mack Flavelle —
@jtzou but seriously, can this be white labeled? Not even sure where that gets us- but sounds interesting. Mack needs an app.
Miles Matthias — CTO @EquityEats
@gliechtenstein I'd love one of these for myself too! It's especially interesting for marketing/engagement purposes when you consider: email < sms < push notifications...
Srikrishnan Ganesan — Co-Founder,
@miles_matthias I have the white label solution for this :). No, seriously. With an ability for you to segment "your" app users and send bulk messages as well :)
Chad Fullerton — Founder, FullertonMedia
@srikrishnang Awesome! Send me details :)
Derek Shanahan — Pub Strategy @ SuperRewards
@srikrishnang yeah i want deets on this
Srikrishnan Ganesan — Co-Founder,
@dshan @chad_fullerton alright you guys. DM your email ID and I'll send you the deets.
Kathleen Smith — Studio Founder, The Content Canvas
@srikrishnang Would also like info on this!
Khang Toh — cto @ picocandy
@gliechtenstein Have you thought of adding stickers to Ethan? I love your thoughts on that and help out in anyway.
ethan — I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
@jtzou there's a form at the bottom of the page at :)
ethan — I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
@jtzou please fill out the form at the bottom of the website at
Greg Galant — CEO of Muck Rack & The Shorty Awards
I think this could scale if Ethan can hire more people named Ethan.
Sterling Toth — Co-creator of EpicMealTime, CEO
Ethan is the new Tom from myspace.
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Derek Shanahan — Pub Strategy @ SuperRewards
@rrhoover Boom. Viral.
Pieter Walraven — Founder & Product @ Pie -
@rrhoover Need a 'As seen on Product Hunt' badge.
ethan — I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
@rrhoover I like "Some Guy Named Ethan Made An App Called 'Ethan' That Lets Anyone Message Him. What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind" better
Tom Masiero — GM of LaunchBit
@gliechtenstein Any updates on the personal ethan clones?
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
So bespoke. :) I like experimental products. What's the idea behind this, @gliechtenstein?
ethan — I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
@rrhoover I wanted a fast way for my friends to message me--simply by opening the app--which is the only feature of the app.

Also I've been off Facebook for a while so this is one way for people to reach me. Plus I own all the data. Also I can cut off annoying people easily if I wanted to.

But then random people started downloading and I became sort of a virtual assistant at one point, finding music for romantic dinner or animes with dragons for them. Sometimes it's hard because they keep asking me questions while i'm sleeping. That's why I added the rules on the home page.

I can see many different ways this can go (Already I'm meeting so many people coming from PH).

But imagine a world where everyone can have their own chat app. You can have your own Ryan app easily if you wanted to!

I posted here because I wanted to know what all the imaginative people on ProductHunt can see in this. Would love thoughts.
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
Thanks for the lunch recommendations, Ethan (@gliechtenstein).

This is actually quite interesting. @itamarok compared it to everyone's favorite AIM bot, SmarterChild. (cc @beller @shaanvp)

What kind of questions do people ask?
Tom Masiero — GM of LaunchBit
@gliechtenstein Off the top of my head this would be great way for people seeking to ask questions about the bible to send them to me.
Eddie Wharton — Data Scientist, Dinner Lab
@rrhoover bespoke apps are the new black. I think they are starting to become status symbols for some.

Also, @gliechtenstein did we just help you pass the Turing Test?
Karen X. Cheng — I make viral videos
@rrhoover One of the few times I've seen 'bespoke' used accurately and non-ironically. Or was it ironically?
Greg Cohn — Co-Founder & CEO, Burner
@gliechtenstein this is blowing my mind -- the ultimate outcome of everything having its own app... which is of course totally useless. (Imagine having to have a dedicated app to contact each and every person you knew? Then you'd need apps to organize and manage your people apps....)
ethan — I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
@BlendahTom please fill out the form at the bottom of the page at if you haven't yet :)
ethan — I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
@BlendahTom @gliechtenstein Working on it! Will announce it when it's ready soon. Thanks!
Tom Masiero — GM of LaunchBit
@gliechtenstein excellent! thanks for the quick reply :)
Ethan S-G — President, The Program
I thought this was some ProductHunt Javascript playing a trick on me...
Greg Isenberg — CEO, Islands
This is awesome. Ethan, I think we'd be good friends.
Boy van Amstel — Captain of Danger Cove. I make Mac apps.
I'm really curious about the App Review process. How did that go? Did you have a nice chat before he/she approved the app?
Ross Rojek — CTO, GoLocalApps
@boyvanamstel So am I. I was under the impression Apple was still rejecting "personal" apps that didn't have a broad potential audience. If they aren't, I've got a number of apps coming.
Boy van Amstel — Captain of Danger Cove. I make Mac apps.
@SacBookReviewer That crossed my mind as well. If you read the description on the App Store though, you could interpret it as if Ethan is an artificial intelligence.
ethan — I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
@SacBookReviewer i think i've had a pretty broad audience today.
Ross Rojek — CTO, GoLocalApps
@gliechtenstein yes you did, and the app is very cool. Not throwing shade at all.

My only comment is about app store approval, and if they've changed previous standards or if this was a fluke (or as Boy said you described it in a way that got it through.)

We've had some opportunity to do apps for individuals before and didn't because our understanding of apple guidelines they probably wouldn't be approved. So this opens some doors for us if the standards have changed.
ethan — I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
@SacBookReviewer oh i didn't mean to come off that way, i meant i intentionally described it so that it sounds like it's actually for a large audience, and as a matter of fact it actually is for a large audience
@gliechtenstein I'm curious what stack/libs you use for Ethan. Mind sharing?
ethan — I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
There's a form at the bottom of the page where you can submit your email if you would like your own version of Ethan. Please leave your email there and i'll get back to you, thanks!
Franky Aguilar — We out here 👽 Los Angeles
No advice for buying ganja. Failed.
Nathan Bashaw — Co-founder and CEO of Hardbound
How many messages have you gotten so far?
ethan — I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
@nbashaw initially I built it so my friends can reach me. But random guys started downloading on the Appstore and talking to me.

Sometimes I give them love advice. Sometimes I bullshit with them when they're bored. Sometimes I recommend them music. Sometimes I choose what clothing looks best on them. Sometimes I find anime with dragons for them. Today I decided to officially post it here so more people can enjoy the privilege.
Ankur Nagpal — Founder, Teachable
This is fucking great.
Srikrishnan Ganesan — Co-Founder,
You know who probably really wants this? Small businesses. Spoke to quite a few who loved the idea of giving this kind of app to their loyal customers. To stay in touch with them, to broadcast offers and send updates on their offerings, etc. I've been very tempted to do this after a hackathon where I met a bunch of small business owners:
Ross Rojek — CTO, GoLocalApps
@srikrishnang There are a lot of problems working with SMBs. I was just reading this last night and it matched a lot of the experiences we've had over the years -

Which is not to say there aren't local businesses that embrace new technology and opportunities, but they're a minority. On a project we're doing with the comic book industry, out of 2000 comic stores, the vast majority of them don't even have an email address for their website domain (or don't have a website).
Srikrishnan Ganesan — Co-Founder,
@SacBookReviewer Hmmm. perhaps you are right. Though I'd say never underestimate the power and pull of a messaging experience :).
Ross Rojek — CTO, GoLocalApps
@srikrishnang Not disagreeing with you. Just saying that any business that focuses on SMBs is going to have a very tough hill to climb. We've been working with wineries for years, and mostly focus on getting money from the wine tourists over the wineries. Easier sell.
Srikrishnan Ganesan — Co-Founder,
@SacBookReviewer gotcha. My customers today are businesses which already have mobile apps. Talk sometime? Gonna reach out on twitter.
Troy Osinoff — Angel Investor
Ha, this is neat
Nick Adler — Cashmere Agency
I'm fascinated by this. Simple but cool idea. You think this could start a movement in personalized apps?
Alexander Horré — Product, Mynewsdesk
Oh man this is smart. My first thought was it looks like Path.
Michelle McCormack — Fashion Photographer
I just texted Ethan asking if I should use Squarespace for an ecom site or play it safe and stick w/ Shopify... and I was laughing out loud the whole time. I love this.
Guy Gal — Growth at Joyus
this is fascinating
Seth Miller — Co-Founder & CEO @ Rapchat
absolutely genius.
Ⓜatt hartman — seed investments, betaworks
This is great. The app, and the idea of the app, feel hand-crafted. @gliechtenstein why do you think this resonates so strongly with people?
Craig Zingerline — Product, Growth, Entrepreneuer
Love that so many are interested in their own version of this. Shows the need off of what some may think is a silly idea :)
Brandon Doyle — Founder, Wallaroo Media
Great app? Or greatest app?
Jason Dainter — Universal Avenue
This is pretty cool. It reminds me a bit of
Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
And now everyone can make their own Ethan app with the aptly named, Ethanifier.
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