A personal assistant for $100/mo

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The $100/mo plan includes "unlimited 15 minute tasks" (this excludes reading and summarizing a book, for example). This might be more expensive than services like Fancy Hands (they offer 25 tasks/mo for $65) but the unlimited aspect of Jarvis is nice. I don't use any of these services, although maybe I should, but I know I'll hesitate to outsource a 5 minute task when I feel like I'm using credits/"paying" for it.
I love the idea of this but I'm having problems signing up. The site throws an error after entering my CC info. Is anyone else having this problem?
Saw a similar service last week that is more business-email based: http://claralabs.com/ http://claralabs.com/faq/
@mikeknoop I tried to post that one to PH but it got hidden away - not sure why. It's in the current class of YC from what I can tell. Maybe some YC pressure to help protect those in the current class from undue public exposure?
@sanjay I apologize for not following up with you over email, Sanjay. Shortly after you hunted Clara, the founders reached out asking to hide the post as they weren't ready for the exposure. We occasionally receive these requests and will accommodate if the original post didn't get much attention before we have time to hide. Clara was submitted ~9pm on a Friday night and received very little attention. We're still trying to find the right balance between respecting founders and empowering the community.
@rrhoover No sweat. With no info I went straight conspiracy theory on the whole thing given the YC connection. :-) Totally understand them not wanting to get attention yet although if that's the case, a no info website would have been the way to go (since they had a site with pricing on it). Ah well, to each his own. Thanks for the scoop.
@sanjay and that's my bad. Sorry for not emailing you about it right afterward.
@rrhoover no sweat. I need to ease off the tin foil hat some. :-)
I want to experiment with it before I put my credit card in. Any chance that is coming soon?
I've been trying a similar service, x.ai, and I love it. I didn't realize how much time having an assistant to schedule meetings saves.
this seems a bit different since it sounds like real humans. I used to use Fancy Hands but I'd consider this. The issue @rrhoover mentioned about thinking about credits/tasks really limited my willingness to use the service. $100 flat per month for everything you can throw at this sounds good. If it truly is that good.
@sanjay Shoot me an email at dennis @ x.ai and I'd be happy to let you play with Amy.