Jammy Guitar

Portable steel string digital guitar made to play anywhere

Jammy is a super-portable guitar with the real steel strings and a direct 1/8" audio output. No need for any additional apps or gear — you can play Jammy with regular earphones or an amp. NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDERS ON INDIEGOGO!

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Hey Hunters! The hunting season for the ultimate portable MIDI guitar is on. Here are a few reasons why Jammy is the coolest digital guitar ever: - Jammy has an expanding neck that allows for super-compact size (only 12.6 inches) without sacrificing the real guitar’s acoustic range, and the steel strings that give you the real guitar feeling. - Slide Jammy’s left side along the axis to change the pitch like you’re moving your fingers up and down the neck of your ordinary guitar -- this gives you access to an extended guitar fretboard. - Direct audio output allows you to stream music straight into your earphones or amp, no smartphone or tablet needed. - You can play in a stand-alone mode or jam along a virtual backing band - Jammy’s onboard presets provide you with the bunch of unique guitar sounds -- from classical nylon strings to heavily distorted metal tones. Feel free to share your feedback! I’m here to answer any of your questions.
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@dmitry_shemet Looks pretty interesting!
@dmitry_shemet well done launch, @dmitry ;) Glad you made great choice among everything. Good luck!
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And we have something really special just for Product Hunt community. Sign up following this link now so you could win your free Jammy guitar in the middle of September: http://bit.ly/2w5Bxxe
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I see the great possibility of using this gadget as a MIDI-controller for musicians with guitar-only background that want to switch to making synthesized music


Unique construction


Same as pros

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As I said before, I'll be the first to get this thing once it is available on the market.
@graver_ua thanks, man! Will reserve a special Product School edition model for you (hint - it will be on fire)
I'll be the second one after @graver_ua, definitely. Would be nice to play with it and top off my guitars collection.
@pavel_pavlenko, thanks so much! Same here - you'll have it reserved!
@oleg_domansky That is awesome, you made my day!