One organized Dropbox folder for all your legal documents

#2 Product of the DayJuly 31, 2015
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Hi everyone! I'm Jason, one of the founders of Ironclad. Before starting Ironclad I was an attorney at Fenwick & West, and my co-founder Cai was a software engineer at Palantir. Happy to answer any questions and looking forward to seeing what you think. We're excited to launch :)
How did you come up with your pricing model? What kind of businesses would be willing to pay $100-200/month for this? Is this a replacement for a legal retainer?
@chrismessina hey Chris! I'll start by saying Ironclad is not supposed to be a replacement for legal *advice* - it is supposed to be a replacement for administrative work related to legal documents though. Often these two things are bundled right now, you purchase them from your lawyer for the same rate. What we're trying to allow you to do is to go to your lawyer for legal advice (and pay that deservedly high fee for that) and then execute on the advice from your lawyer with Ironclad. So if you consider companies that are doing a high volume of contracts, they're often paying a person to shuffle data around between templates, e-signatures, and other systems like document management. We can be a replacement for the time consuming and error prone work that's being done by a person. From that perspective, the $200/month is a significant cost reduction for companies. Would love to hear any additional thoughts you have though!
@jboehmig This idea is AWESOME. I think a lot of startups will be willing to pay for this (though $99 seems to be a little bit expensive without the discount). I'm opening a new account to have everything organised. But the data form is for US only. Could this be customised? Like, inserting an international phone number.
@jorgediaz Love it! That's great to hear. We should be able to add an international phone number option to signup, since companies can use their own docs with our system. Please feel free to ping me any time at for help or just to chat about how we can make this even better, there's a lot more to come soon. Really excited to have you as a user.
seems interesting, but I'm not sure about the pricing. Might have been better off taking # of seats into account. As currently a 3 person startup will have to pay the same for this as one with 1000 employees
Ironclad is in the Summer 2015 batch of YC. They are an automated legal assistant for companies. The platform ties together existing silos of information - like template libraries, e-signatures, and document storage - in to a single software layer that eliminates errors and saves time.