A new OS for the iPad with a new homescreen and multitasking

#5 Product of the DayJune 03, 2019
New Home Screen, Powerful Multitasking, New Ways to Use Apple Pencil and More
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I created this video to see how the iPad Pro on iOS worked as a desktop replacement and the ONLY thing that stopped it from replacing my Macbook Pro entirely was the OS. I can't wait to do this video again:
@inventitorfixit Nice and thorough review, please share the new review too!
I love iOS and my entire ecosystem is Apple. But it is almost a joke that the company presents these “new” features as if they were the most disruptive things on the market 😂

Instead of allowing iOS apps on macOS they create a third OS?




Another OS to target

It's based on iOS. Think of it as rebranded iOS just with some more features.
Let me run MacOS god damnit, I'd pay $2500 for it.
@armand_saramout , I tried to introduce Desktop-like UI layer for iPad and you know what happened? Apple rejected it as a whole. Here you can find YouTube demo of that unpublished app: https://youtu.be/Wwf1TZEbFGE However, I ported this app to Android tablets and actually published it. Unfortunately, there is not much interest at this time. Here is YouTube demo for Android version and Google Play store link: https://youtu.be/_v3JiK6ZN3U https://play.google.com/store/ap...