A simple & beautiful invoice generator with Stripe & Paypal is a simple and beautiful invoice generator, integrated with Credit Card, Bitcoin, ACH (via Stripe) and Paypal, built around tools we use every day.

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Hi everyone, I've been experimenting with this side project for fun and to revisit my rusty coding skills. There are many invoicing apps, but I wanted something simple, clean and that works on every device. Even though there are many things to improve, everything should be functioning (sent couple of invoices already :)). Here is a sample: Looking forward to hear your thoughts and feedback!
very cool, simple product from @ugurkaner - makes it super easy to generate simple invoices; and get paid via stripe.
@_jacksmith thanks for the post Jack!
PayPal too or just Stripe?
@allisonveronica I think he's just made it with Stripe at the moment, but is looking for suggestions about new features etc to add.
@allisonveronica Jack is correct Allison, I'm hoping to improve based on feedback. Paypal could be a great add.
@ugurkaner @allisonveronica Thanks for building this. I've been meaning to give Stripe a shot and move over from PayPal (I am a BIG fan of Stripe and their great design. I feel PayPal is stuck in the 90's. Works great but the design is old and not as intuitive for my clients).
@irvingtorresyc I know the feeling Irving. I had to send an invoice the other month with Paypal, and hard to believe how cumbersome it could get. Sent 3 invoices with this already, happy with the results :)
Still trying to understand the product. How is this going to be integrated into third party websites, where visitors are going to make payments, buy goods and get the invoice? Is your product going to be just invoice generation?
@sridhar_kondoji it's not intended for integration Sri, or collecting payments from visitors. It's just a simple invoice generator, where you could fill in, send to your clients and get paid, if you happen to connect with your Stripe account. Here is a sample, if you wanted to check out Hope explains :)
@ugurkaner @sridhar_kondoji Thanks. So, if i am a small business owner. I create a an invoice (on site) with all details and send it to my customers. My customers make the payments and who collects the payments? How does the Stripe integration work? Will each business needs their own domain and oauth with Stripe Or something else? --Sri
@sridhar_kondoji imagine you are a freelancer or consultant. You just delivered your project, now you need to send an invoice and get paid. You'd go to, create one, connect your Stripe account and send. Your client would receive an email with a link to the invoice and could pay you with credit card. As simple as that :)
@sridhar_kondoji Stripe is the payment processor, so they handle collection, security and such. They transfer the money to your bank account in a short time. I'm a big fan of their service, would definitely recommend.
@ugurkaner I worked with stripe API in the backend. Their service is very good. The only thing I was not clear about your product w.r.t stripe is, does stripe allow multiple business accounts to be associated on single domain. Will the API key be same for all individuals creating the invoice. Other than that product looks good and simple to use. Also most small businesses have paypal not stripe.
Pretty cool idea and implement!