InVision + JIRA

Pair an InVision prototype with any JIRA issue

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Reony Tonneyck
Product Designer & EV Advocate
InVision for JIRA is a new way to bring the design workflow right inside the No. 1 development tool. By pairing an InVision prototype to a JIRA issue, it’s easy for developers and product managers to see what they're working on, get real-time information about designs, and keep everything organized in one place. Together with Atlassian, InVision is improving communication between design and engineering -- making the workflow more iterative and effective. Really excited to try this out! Especially since I'm the only designer, that's technically assigned to be on the development team.
We've tried it in jira cloud but it causes such lag when loading a ticket that we turned it off. Let us know when you improve the performance.