Integromat Mobile App

App for automating tasks based on events on your phone

Integromat, the automation builder used to connect online apps to create automations, now has a mobile app. With the mobile app, you can trigger automations based on events that happen on your phone: GPS location, WiFi connection, calling, and SMS messaging.

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Hey PH! Jessica here, from Integromat. Thanks, @kwdinc for hunting our new addition and the first of its kind for the integration world. Alright cutting to the chase, our reasons for creating the Integromat Mobile App were quite simple. As an integration platform, we thought this, "connecting apps to move data between them" stuff is great, but wouldn’t it be cool if we could take it a step further and base integrations off of WHERE you are? Well, the good thing is you don’t need a magic wand, just your phone! Available on the App Store and Google Play, the Integromat Mobile App allows you to react to changes in your environment to start and stop integrations. It does this by using: GPS to track locations to initiate integrations WiFi connection/disconnection to initiate integrations As an added bonus, we have also included the ability to automatically perform actions for mobile-specific features like SMS, contacts, calendar, photos etc. We will be here all day. Let’s chat and swap stories about how you are using the mobile app ;). For more mobile app ideas, visit our blog
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@kwdinc @jessica_herauf Why can't you make a App like IFTTT which also allows to create Triggers/Actions for other Online Services. Just Mobile Automation is not enough. - Honest Feedback.
@temur_ford Hey, thanks for the feedback! You can use our page on your mobile phone to create and edit integrations. But still, you will get the possible experience with our editor using desktop computers. Integromat is powerful with complex scenarios and those won't be well organized on small screens of mobile phones.
@ondrej_gazda Hey, thanks for the reply! I know how Powerful Integromat is, I've used almost every Automation Services available Online. Integromat really changed my world. It's really super powerful. I use it in my Desktop, I really imagine its Awesome Mobile App though like IFTTT. So it would be really Super Awesome if same Experiance would be available via Mobile App too :) Cheers! You Rock
Integromat is the SaaS integration tool I couldn't get with Zapier or IFTTT. I went on the hunt 2 years ago looking for a more powerful tool. As soon as I found Integromat I stopped looking. I can connect to any 3rd party app that has an open API, unlike the other platforms that require a developer at that company to build one for you. Coolest thing I have done with the Integromat mobile app? Geofencing client offices and automatically populating my timesheet when I enter and exit the building.
@eric_axelrod Hey, Eric! Thanks a lot for you kind words and sharing your use case with us, it's always great to hear how differently are our users using Integromat :)
@ondrej_gazda One thing I really need to improve is licencing models. We need to be able to put multiple organizations under the same billing account for orgs that we manage integrations for. The existing team model isn't adequate as each sub account is subject to its own limits and is on it's own plan.
@eric_axelrod We are nearly finished with something we call "Hosted solution". You will be able to have own and private instance of Integromat, hosted anywhere within AWS, with one licence fee and unlimited options for managing the content. Development is finished, we are now doing proper testing and tweaking :) Please, get in touch at so we can let you know when it will be ready. Thank you.

The Integromat team and community are AMAZING and responsive -- Especially Arpit Choudhury. Any time I have questions, encounter an issue, etc. they're immediately available and ready to assist.

Thanks for launching this app! Makes handling your Integromat on the go so easy.


It's the automation holy grail!


There are so many options that it can be a little overwhelming for beginners (but doesn't take long to overcome)

Thanks a ton for the review and the mention! 😍
I've been using Integromat for my e-commerce business and Messenger chatbot and it has saved me so much time and money! You can truly automate your life with Integromat. Cheers! :)
@debolina_chaudhuri Hi, Debolina! Thanks for sharing another great way to use Integromat :). We love to hear how we are helping people. It encourages us to continue to create more useful features, like the app!
Integromat is awesome. It's incredibly powerful and very easy to visually understand. The ability to do very clear branching logic is a major win. Some people have said it is more complex than other tools but I'm not sure that's really true. I think if your flow is super simple it might be a bit more complex but as soon as you need just a little extra logic, Integromat is where you want that logic. For companies making connectors, it is also very easy to setup. I'm the creator of the plugin for parsing email signatures. When I was making my connector in Integromat, it only took me an hour to figure out how to setup my API to be accessible.
@pauldmendoza Hey, Paul! Thanks for your kind words. We are glad to have SigParser among the apps!