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instantsearch.js is our new JavaScript library of UI widgets to help you build the best instant-search experience with Algolia’s hosted search API. See it in action at https://community.algolia.com/in... You can now think about how pages will look and feel when you build an instant-search experience, instead of having to create and refine queries. We’re using it internally at Algolia, and it saves us a lot of time while building community searches for websites. tl;dr; Using instantsearch.js, you can: - Build an instant-search UI faster than ever - Focus entirely on building the UI, forget about complex code - Plug and play—everything is included in one library Feel free to read our blog post to learn more about why we created instantsearch.js as part of our mission to make building great search available to everyone (https://blog.algolia.com/announc...) And to celebrate this new launch, let’s revive the PH special discount! Get 2 months free with this link: https://www.algolia.com/cc/produ... Questions? Feedback? Let us know! We’d love to hear it!
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@dessaign this is great. I am a huge Algolia fan and I have total confidence that this is going to be a great addition.
@bhalp1 @dessaigne Thanks for the trust Ben! Looking forward to continue making building a great search experience easier :)
That 10 second video is exactly how search should work on every ecommerce store. Web and mobile.
This is awesome. We've been on Algolia for about two years now and are just blown away with the ease, reliability and speed of searching. Their existing libraries and tutorials were already pretty good for getting up and running but this consolidated but modular approach is just golden and will make it just that much easier to implement and refine. Thanks guys!
@joshuapinter Thanks for the support!!!
Algolia never ceases to amaze me.
Oh this is good! Back in the day of running Scoutzie, we needed this for our site and there wasn't a good off-the-shelf solution, so we spent weeks building and refining a solution that worked for us. It worked well, but it also sucked up too many hours of our lives. Then of course there was maintenance time. Being able to pay someone for good search and plug this into a site in minutes, now this is amazing!
@kirillzubovsky You made my day Kirill :)