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Hey hunters, The whole team at Algolia is excited to announce InstantSearch iOS, making it easier than ever to build beautiful search UX in Swift & Objective-C. This year we've been working a lot to bring the entire InstantSearch family together as one cohesive framework, so that product teams looking to bring their Algolia implementation from web to mobile would find the same rules, terminology & concepts across all platforms. Starting today, developers on iOS, Android, and the web can build the same great beautiful search experience for their users leveraging the same Algolia API & index. We're excited to get feedback from the PH community - especially the iOS developers who have felt the pain before - and we look forward to improving InstantSearch iOS in the coming months. Please tell us what you think, we love feedback! -Nicolas
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@dessaigne I have heard really good reviews on Algolia. However, the cost factor is critical when it comes to decide which one to go.
@vignesh_tronics Glad to hear you're hearing good things about us. Let us know who's saying such nice things and we'll be sure to send them a thank you note and a t-shirt! Algolia's goal is to make great search possible for everyone. While worldwide lightning-fast search comes at a cost to us, we try to make Algolia as easy to use as possible and make the costs (which start at 'free') scalable in alignment with the success of a product.
Hey there! My name is Guy and I’ve been working on InstantSearch iOS for the past few months. I’d be happy to hear your feedback and answer any question you have :)
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@guydaher Hey Guy! Good Job!
@guydaher Would love to hear your feedback about Freesist. Find us on PH :)
I've worked with this team on a search project for Vevo - absolutely fantastic!
Looking at the logo I thought you were launching Hand spinner Search :P Looks great!
Algolia has always been in my tool bag and this just makes it better. Congrats team on making yet another killer product.