InstantSearch Android

Lightning-fast search components for Android developers

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Nicolas Dessaigne
Co-founder & CEO, Algolia
Hey hunters, We are excited to announce InstantSearch Android, bringing beautiful search components for building great search easily to the Android developer community. We received a lot of feedback about InstantSearch.js for web developers over the past 18 months, and bringing that same experience to Android developers was a big priority for us. While the name is the same (and the expected experience is at the same level), we had to adapt everything to the Android environment, an ecosystem where building advanced, beautiful search experiences hasn’t been easy in the past. We're excited to get feedback from the PH community - especially the Android developers who have felt the pain before - and we look forward to improving InstantSearch for Android in the coming months! Feel free to comment below with questions or feedback! -Nicolas
Software Engineer, Algolia
Hi there! My name’s Paul-Louis, I’ve been working on InstantSearch Android for the past few months and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have :)
Francis Kim
Full Stack Human
✌️ Awesome! Added to: