Instant Baby Sleep Sounds

A soundboard to put your baby to sleep 👶💤

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Let’s calm your baby and make both of you happier!

If you are browsing through the category of leading baby sleep apps, you have found one of the best ones! Instant Baby Sleep Sounds now comes with new advanced version containing much more white noise sounds and lullabies, but in smaller size! Just 80mb!

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Harshit Paul
Harshit Paul@paulharshit · Tech Blogger | Starve the negative.
I don't have a baby but i did play this for my baby cousin and he did went to sleep pretty quick. Good Job makers!
Priyanka Parmar
Priyanka Parmar@priyankaparmar22 · Sales Manager presso MARINE DIESEL ITALY
@paulharshit Agreed! It has such sweet, soothing baby sounds. I was never a lullaby singer. My 2 year old baby has grown very fond of it.
Raksha Shetty
Raksha Shetty@rakshashetty10 · Secretary, ST Matthews Uniting Church
A pretty sweet application to have with you!
Astghik A
Astghik A@astghik_azaryan · Advertising Ninja
Def will try it!!!!! Thanks)))
Zhenya Kazaryan
Zhenya Kazaryan@jenya_kazaryan · Office Manager, Director
Will recommend it:)