Instagram Analytics by SmartMetrics is completely reworked and now works via new API. Complete information about your followers and posts. Competitors tracking is also available.

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Thank so much, product hunters! Drop us a letter with "Product Hunt" in subject to and we will double trial period for your account.
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@_alexwht I've send an email on hello but didn't get a response yet.
Do you do any insta story analytics? I'm basically looking for the current statistics and poll data exported
@frank_denbow sure, we measure stories activity, replies, engagement, impressions, bounce rate, taps and exits.
@Alex , love all the stuff you are making man. Would love to chat with you more.
Really great product guys! I was using Keyhole for a bit but the cost for that does not really support me as a single user. This is almost the same as what they offer but I feel it is more tailored for individual users!
This is really useful