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Really? You pretty much copy/pasted the design of Minter.io
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@_alexiroy We use the same js library for data visualisation. Unfortunately there are not so many good chart libraries in the world. Nevertheless our analytical core was developed from scratch and has nothing in common with other services.
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@_alexwht ya but your brand identity on the marketing page is near identical, same UX, same color pallette. Screenshots of the app show the app has the same UX as well. The whole entire things is a near blatant copy and paste effort. Can't blame a charting library on this. Didnt even try to have a different color pallette, different in app nav structure etc.
Thanks so much, product hunters! Drop us email (hello@smartmetrics.co) with "Product Hunt" in subject and we will extend trial period for you.
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Love the UI and cleaness of stats! Nice work @_Alexwht
Another social media analytics platform. Another one that doesn't seem to support analytics on videos / views. Am I the only one who needs that? Instagram IS a video platform too.
@gregoiregilbert we would be glad to implement this but Instagram API doesn't provide data about video views. We can only wait for API update.
@_alexwht then you could scrap the data through the web interface.. I have nothing against your product that looks good. But doing analytics for Instagram and letting the video aside isn't enough in my opinion. 😐