Play with cats while you grocery shop on Instacart

Instacat digitalizes your neighborhood grocery store cats for the people who shop online. We’ve added a plethora of adorable animated cats to Instacart.

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  • Yvonne ChengCreative Strategy Director, Tumblr

    I like these cats because they won't scratch me and I'm not afraid of them.


    None I can think of. Meow.

    Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.

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  • Danu HackerAssistant Product Manager @ Prototypo



    not available outside of US & Canada :(

    Cat advocate here, loving the idea and cute kitties. Can't use because I live in Europe though :(

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Daniel GreenbergMakerPro@15greenberg · I make mischief
Hey PH! 👋 The best parts about shopping for groceries in real life are the cats that hang out in the store — something that online shoppers miss out on. Today, Instacart is launching Instacat, a Chrome extension that finally lets you play with cats while you shop on Instacart. All you have to do in install the extension, shop on Instacart like you normally would, and cute cats will be on your screen... careful if you shop for water though, Instacat might not be too happy. Personally, I love playing with it, so I would strongly advise installing it and seeing it in action for yourself. We’d love feedback––thanks for the time! 🙏 - Daniel 😻
Kevin Skobac@kskobac · SVP, Digital Strategy + Innovation, SS+K
I know plenty of people who would love to have this on pretty much every site they view! For next rev, how about Tamagotchi style care-taking, and crypto-kitty style collections?
Daniel GreenbergMakerPro@15greenberg · I make mischief
@kskobac we may just have to do that
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
LOL, so random. What do cats have to do with Instacart? P.S. I'm a long-time Instacart customer. I use it every week.
Jonathan Tzou@jtzou · Founder, Optix Data // BD, iStaging
@rrhoover Cryptokitties acquisition in 3, 2, 1, ...
Daniel GreenbergMakerPro@15greenberg · I make mischief
@rrhoover we wanted to bring the corner store cat to the web
Mathew Pregasen@mathewpregasen · CEO, Parsegon
this is hysterical. literally perfect for product hunt. i expect a golden kitty.
Daniel GreenbergMakerPro@15greenberg · I make mischief
@mathewpregasen I've always wanted a golden kitty
Amy Soyeon Kim@amysoyeonkim · Product at Clarifai
I LOVE CATS! Instacat is the prime example of a product providing moments of delight throughout the user experience. Love it!
Daniel GreenbergMakerPro@15greenberg · I make mischief
@amysoyeonkim who doesn't love cats?!?!