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Instabug Integrations Hub helps you receive detailed bug reports and in-app messages directly in the tool you use. Whether it’s Jira, GitHub, Slack and more, we built dozens of integrations to help your team focus on what matters without disrupting their workflow.

  • Camille Emefa Acey
    Camille Emefa AceyCustomer Success,

    It has Clubhouse and Slack and so many of the tools we need! Works great for our mobile bug reporting needs!


    So far so good!

    We started using Instabug to allow our users in our iOS alpha and beta to quickly report bugs. We had no issues with the SDK and being able to send bugs into our Clubhouse saves us time and energy!

    Camille Emefa Acey has used this product for one month.
  • Ayman Elhakim
    Ayman ElhakimHead of Product at Lynks

    Integrations Hub is a crucial part of Instabug


    No alternatives can replace instabug

    Getting feedback now with Instabug has never been easier. Adding more integrations helps us het the best out of instabug and works seamless with the rest of our tools, especially Slack.

    Ayman Elhakim has used this product for one month.
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Yasmine Helmy
Yasmine HelmyMaker@yasmine_helmy · Senior Growth Marketer
We have been working for quite some time on collaborating with the best integrations out there with the main goal in mind; build better apps. We’re proud to announce Instabug Integrations Hub where you can continue using the tool of your choice and forward all issues reported by testers and users using Instabug’s SDK. Regardless of the tool you use, be it for project management, issue tracking, notifications, or support desks; you name it, we got it!
Camille Emefa Acey
Camille Emefa Acey@kavbojka · Customer Success,
@yasmine_helmy Thanks for including Clubhouse in the Hub. A lot of our users have been eagerly awaiting this!
Sarah Spangenberg
Sarah Spangenberg@sspang · Product Marketer at Front
@yasmine_helmy excited to share Front + Instabug with the world! Congrats!