Inside Facebook

FB's goal: connect the world. Ours: tell you what FB's up to

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We've found a model for these email newsletters that really works. We bring you the most concise, BS-free, information-dense roundup on a topic. Our editorial team reads every single blog and publication and twitter feed and distills it down to 500-1000 words just for you. So, now we're growing the team and launching as many new verticals as we can. The latest is Inside Facebook. If you work at Facebook, want to work at Facebook, own Facebook stock, work at *another* social networking company, or simply find this stuff to be fascinating – we think Inside Facebook will be a must read and will make you BETTER at your job. AMA!
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@jason amazing work! thanks :)
@resattuu @jason Love it!! Subscribing now.
How I feel when I read this...
@as_austin 😂😂😂
I love the concept of BS-free newsletters, because it does accurately define the content I always get through all of the Inside Newsletters I am subscribed to. Another one on my list ;) Good job!
Like it!
Anyone ever read Dave Eggers' book The Circle? This feels eerily similar to that.