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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
Inside just released an update to their real-time news feed app on iOS and Android, most notably adding push notifications for breaking news.

There's a continued trend toward push notification-based apps where the primary interaction and use is passive consumption of push notifications. I don't have to open the app or do anything else to get value out of it -- the product is the notification itself. Which brings to question, how do you measure engagement and gather feedback (qualitative or quantitative) when the user never opens your app?
jason — ceo, writer, event host & angel
@rrhoover Our Alert System should be the best one ever created for mobile, and perhaps tied with Google for the web. The key feature is you can get only "important" updates (with a human deciding this story is important in and this one isn't).
Fareed Mosavat — VP Product, RunKeeper
@rrhoover For Breeze, we track "breeze users" as well as a traditional active user metric based on app opens and look really closely at opt-out rates for push notifications, open rates from those pushes, and the % of WBU who open the app. I hope that richer notifications w/ actions on iOS will help us build better experiences for our users who never choose to open the app.
jason — ceo, writer, event host & angel
@far33d +1 on rich notifications. I know @mg did a screen shot of a Circa one on day of WWDC
Daniel Hanks — Some guy
@jason - congrats on v2.0. Love reading your passion about the product above. Three questions:
1) What have you learned about how people/users want to consume news?
2) News has been curated from the beginning (e.g. NYT determining what's on Page 1, NBC news selectively filling 22 minutes, etc.). Why are you excited about how Inside is attacking it?
3) Where do you see the news industry in 5-10 years?
jason — ceo, writer, event host & angel

1. They want control over their topics in a very granular way. That's why we created this screen:

2. News haven't been curated by the NYTimes as much as selected. Curating news means you look at the 25 people who covered Tim Draper buying the seized bitcoins today and pick the best story out there. The NYT is one of those 25 stories, so they are part of the noise problem (a good part of it to be sure).

2b. I'm excited because I have 50 curators I've personally trained curating 24 hours a day (and have been 24 hours a day for six months!). They are doing a fantastic job ALREADY. In another six months we might have 2-5x that number and be 2-3x as good at curating. Folks tell us they are addicted to the App (and the numbers back that up), so I think is we curate 1-5% better a week we will be in SICK shape in 2015.

3. A complete fucking mess, filled with conflicts, dying giants, new brands, new best practices and overall more brilliant content than has ever been created. It's going to insane and awesome.... and I think in 5-10 years you could see Circa, Inside and Flipboard having as many staffers are the incumbents.
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