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#4 Product of the DayJuly 02, 2014
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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Inside just released an update to their real-time news feed app on iOS and Android, most notably adding push notifications for breaking news. There's a continued trend toward push notification-based apps where the primary interaction and use is passive consumption of push notifications. I don't have to open the app or do anything else to get value out of it -- the product is the notification itself. Which brings to question, how do you measure engagement and gather feedback (qualitative or quantitative) when the user never opens your app?
jasonMakerHiring@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
@rrhoover Our Alert System should be the best one ever created for mobile, and perhaps tied with Google for the web. The key feature is you can get only "important" updates (with a human deciding this story is important in and this one isn't).
Fareed Mosavat@far33d · VP Product, RunKeeper
@rrhoover For Breeze, we track "breeze users" as well as a traditional active user metric based on app opens and look really closely at opt-out rates for push notifications, open rates from those pushes, and the % of WBU who open the app. I hope that richer notifications w/ actions on iOS will help us build better experiences for our users who never choose to open the app.
jasonMakerHiring@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
@far33d +1 on rich notifications. I know @mg did a screen shot of a Circa one on day of WWDC
Daniel Hanks@_hanks_ · Some guy
@jason - congrats on v2.0. Love reading your passion about the product above. Three questions: 1) What have you learned about how people/users want to consume news? 2) News has been curated from the beginning (e.g. NYT determining what's on Page 1, NBC news selectively filling 22 minutes, etc.). Why are you excited about how Inside is attacking it? 3) Where do you see the news industry in 5-10 years?
jasonMakerHiring@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
@_Hanks_ 1. They want control over their topics in a very granular way. That's why we created this screen: 2. News haven't been curated by the NYTimes as much as selected. Curating news means you look at the 25 people who covered Tim Draper buying the seized bitcoins today and pick the best story out there. The NYT is one of those 25 stories, so they are part of the noise problem (a good part of it to be sure). 2b. I'm excited because I have 50 curators I've personally trained curating 24 hours a day (and have been 24 hours a day for six months!). They are doing a fantastic job ALREADY. In another six months we might have 2-5x that number and be 2-3x as good at curating. Folks tell us they are addicted to the App (and the numbers back that up), so I think is we curate 1-5% better a week we will be in SICK shape in 2015. 3. A complete fucking mess, filled with conflicts, dying giants, new brands, new best practices and overall more brilliant content than has ever been created. It's going to insane and awesome.... and I think in 5-10 years you could see Circa, Inside and Flipboard having as many staffers are the incumbents.
Guy Gal@deleted-6211 · Growth at Joyus
Your candor is refreshing @jason. I was using both Circa and Inside for a month or so before I went full-on Circa only. I'm a big news junky, but Inside was giving me everything, and much like the trend we're seeing in apps, I tend to prefer single-purpose news sources. Circa gives me the top stories "I need to know" with an objective point of view, so I can trust the information because the "journalists" keep the books balanced. Their articles read like two articles from partisan news sources had a really cute baby that sleeps well at night and plays well with others. I get editorial from Rachel Maddow Show podcast, Young Turks podcast, Product Hunt podcast obviously, and TWIST. I get tech news from Launch/TC/Pando. And the rest I discover from my FB + Twitter feeds. When I consider Launch in contrast to Inside, I'm tempted to say that I would be more likely to check 4 apps on my phone that were specific to the 4 categories I care about than one big app that gives me every category and story. Imagine every category in its own app like Launch with an editor of Jason's caliber on each... drool. An Inside for fashion, health + fitness, science, Launch, entertainment, travel, sports, etc... each of these categories have endless subcats. When you handle them all in one app it prevents you from going deep on any specific one and you lose the junkies that should form the foundation of your active user base. That's why the magazine publishers have done so well. It's not so much about the editors (the message) as much as it is about the focused categories (the medium). From a business perspective, also a compelling model. A mobile news network like this gives you the ability to reach audiences that have cohesive personas so you can sell advertising at a premium. Also lends well to partnerships, like a @rrhoover @eriktorenberg Product Hunt edit series on the tech ticker (Launch). You can put Hearst/CN/Time to sleep. An unbundled and distributed news ticker publishing network would also be more conducive to community building. Just thinking about this I feel the urge to spin it up but you're way more obsessed than I would ever be about this problem, I just want the solution. Have you ever given this thought? If so, why did you forego the network approach in favor of a platform? One users's opinion!
jasonMakerHiring@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
@guygal said "Imagine every category in its own app like Launch with an editor of Jason's caliber on each... drool. " Hmm.... I can imagine that actually. ;-)
Erik TorenbergHunterHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@guygal love the analysis and partnership recommendation :)
Erik TorenbergHunterHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
Been a huge fan of TWIST for a few years now. i heard mixed things about the launch of inside, but version 2.0 looks awesome. Especially since we just had Grasswire blow up the other day - - will be really curious to see what everyone thinks about Inside, especially how it compares with the other major news apps out there.
jasonMakerHiring@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
@eriktorenberg right now there are a small number of Apps out there doing anything interesting in the news space. Here is what I think of them: 1. Circa: Awesome meta-journalism (not curation), gorgeous design & savvy product team. When we are curating a major story we find Circa is MORE compelling for mobile users than the New York Times in most cases. [ disclosure: I'm an investor ] 2. Flipboard on iPad: I never locked into a groove with flipboard as I (personally) don't like the magazine format as much as data-rich formats (like Inside). HOWEVER, I think their best product is their last: magazines. Flipboard is fantastic, but magazines could be an ecosystem like YouTube or Tumblr. If I was MM I would spin that platform into a CMS and let folks make their own magazines with dedicated Apps. It would go supernova. 3. Nuzzle/Newsle: Both have nailed what Twitter struggles with: reducing noise and increasing signal from/about your friends.
Erik TorenbergHunterHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@jason love the insight. @jtriest put me on to Circa and @hunterwalk put me on to Nuzzle. how does Inside position itself in the news space among these players - what's it's competitive advantage? What's the ultimate vision for Inside?
jasonMakerHiring@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
@eriktorenberg Nuzzle is a list of what your friends are talking about, Circa is the top (20? 30? 50?) stories today selected by brilliant people & is 1,000 summaries of best jouralism today with a sick alert system. All three are worthy of being on your home screen.
Ross Rojek@sacbookreviewer · CTO,,
@jason Having been in publishing for 6 years now and tried multiple digital formats, I'm still looking for a good platform. They're all too expensive, require dedicated software (usually pricey) and complicated systems. Re: Flipboard, I've been finding it more irritating lately. Too many articles require clickthrough, or don't entirely load (only get pages 1-3 of 8). Huffington Post isn't bad at top stories, but often the same problem, loading a website that doesn't format for a phone screen. I like curation when I trust the source, but also like the serendipity of unusual links I may not have looked for.
jasonMakerHiring@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
@SacBookReviewer the lack of mobile friendly websites does kill the news space. Any ideas of how to solve that anyone? we and circa solve this by writing our own content, which is a nice start... but folks frequently go to the destinations.
jasonMakerHiring@jason · ceo, writer, event host & angel
Honored to be here.... AMA?