The biggest independent record label worldwide.

It is not just a distribution service, it is a community, a family, and the biggest independent record label worldwide.

Indiefy is a platform made to help independent artists to be successful by providing them tools like music distribution, promo tools, analytics, networking and mentoring at no cost.

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I hopefully clicked the link when I read "The biggest independent record label worldwide", but then I came across: "We are the only global label that helps you spread your music around the world through digital distribution" - I highly doubt that statement is true. If you guys are providing management, label services and bookings that would be a major conflict of interests. As an artist manager myself, I'd never advise any artist such construction. As @mickc79 says: I'm curious to see those tools the landing page talks about. I don't see any of them? The only thing that's clear to me is that you are a distributor, which says "everything you need to fulfill your dreams at no cost" but takes a 15% cut of royalties. I do understand that you have to make money, but please be clear and transparent about your offering and costs for an artist. Sorry, this way it feels as quite a scam to me.. Not something artists need these days.
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@joepvanleijsen Hi Joep. Various of our services are directly with the artist, we contact him/her directly and offer our services via 3rd parties to help them in their musical career. Thank you for your honest feedback! we do not get these frequently, we will most likely review your observation about the 15%, our goal is to help the artist, we do not want to be misleading at all. If you want additional information or need more answers please contact me
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@indiefy @eduardo_lopez_uribe Hey Eduaro, thanks for this explanation! All clear :) I didn't suggest to remove the 15% by the way, I understand you have to earn money for the services you provide. But saying that your product is 'free' is just not the truth. So I'd suggest to change that to clearer communication :) Please let me know when you've updated your landing page!
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Interested to know what analytics you provide and to what level as this sounds similar to my own product. Not insinuating anything at all by the way - our products are very different apart from the small overlap of providing analytics to musicians about their music.
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@mickc79 Hi Mick, our analytics includes streams and downloads by dsps, segmented by region and genres, but also one of our services are mentoring, we don't have artist management but we have partners that can offer services with a preferral price for our artists, our main goal is to provide them tools to manage their careers by themselves.
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@gilberto_avalos_osuna ah I see - that’s interesting. It’s also interesting to see products opening up in this space. I fully believe that musicians are under serviced by technology companies and there is a lot of opportunity there. SongBox is quite different in that we offer analytics in the form of individual users; so and so listened to this track this many times. It’s more aimed at users who want to share tracks with individuals privately, for example for demo submission purposes.
wahoo cool produt
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I like the service, but what is missing is a special attention to the part of publisher and YouTube ID that is missing.
@gleydson_lopes Hi Gleydson, We offer Youtube Content ID although at the moment is on special request, reason is Youtube is very strict with its content being uploaded. We need to be very cautious on what content do we allow.