Indie Match

Get introduced to a new maker each month to stay accountable

Indie Match is a platform where we introduce you to a new person when you start a new project to help you stay accountable, and create the ideal environment for idea sharing.

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Hey Product Hunt! It’s awesome to be releasing another product! Recently I participated in Pat Walls’ 24 Hour Startup challenge, where I built a startup, live on Twitch, in 24 hours. Indie Match is a service that connects makers with each other to create an environment of shared knowledge and social accountability. Every time you start a new project, you can request an introduction to a new maker so you can get fresh insights on the product you are working on. 📖 You will be able to request an introduction starting November 30th. This project was inspired by both Serendipity by @ManasviniK, and Cowrkr by @amrith, as I feel passionately about the vision that introducing two people can help develop a great working environment. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them! 😸
@jamesstewart Congrats for the launch 😉 It's something like WIP community?
Go James! 🎊
What a great idea! I've signed up and can't wait to meet like-minded people :D
I believe this stuff really from personal experience. Great idea!
Neat project!