Imposter Syndrome

How 30 developers without CS degrees deal with it

Over 30 developers share their insights on how they handle imposter syndrome. They are at top companies like Stripe or have built 6 figure companies. All their advice is bundled into one convenient ebook so you can come back to it whenever you need it.
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Imposter syndrome is common in tech, particularly with people like myself who don't have CS degrees. I started No CS Degree to keep me going with coding so it makes sense for me to have all the best advice on imposter syndrome in one place. It's a great way to see how other developers deal with the fear of being "found out". The book features interviews with over 30 developers, some of whom work at top companies like Stripe and Amazon. Others in the book have made six figure incomes. It's a reminder that imposter syndrome can affect anyone. The book is available for $5 and you can pay securely on Gumroad. If you would like a free sample of the book you can get it when you join the No CS Degree newsletter: Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?
Hey Pete, This is a great compilation. Congratulations on the launch ✌️
ya recently someone told me my side projects looks like from kids and I was so upset.
@shadabshs yeah, you need to ignore lots of unhelpful people and keep growing!
Waited to see this here! Saw it already on twitter. Great collection 🤘
Great work Pete, looks really slick!