The family phone. Everyone in your family, all in one place.

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Hi everyone, As a dad, I found it incredibly challenging to keep my 3 young kids connected to their grandparents and cousins, and to me when I was traveling. Facetime and Skype are great. But young kids often can't use phones or tablets unsupervised, so they're dependent on our devices and schedules. We created ILY to be the first real communication device for families. It sits in your home, always on, always charged, and safe for kids. ILY is hardware and software that is extremely easy for young children and older generations to use. And it’s completely platform agnostic, so you can make calls or send messages between an ILY and desktop, iOS and Android devices using the ILY app. Thanks for hunting us @eriktorenberg! Any questions / feedback, find me here!
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@ilan congrats on the (pre)launch !
@ilan congrats. can t wait to test it
@ilan congrats to you and the team :)
@ilan this looks innovative and awesome! I know my friends with family abroad will love it! Check it out @thepaulcurran
Congratulations on the launch, @ilan! Ily looks beautiful and, unlike every other startup that claims to do so, will actually make the world a better place by helping families communicate. Wishing you guys lots of luck!
@jfrankel13 thank you Jonathan!
How awesome and light promo video is! Absolutely love it! Very important product with bright and warm idea!
Looks promising! Love the idea that it replaces the regular landline phone: it would be the main reason for me to get one for my parents/siblings at home.
Looks amazing!