The Idea Picker is a simple tool you can use to compare your ideas.
Compare your ideas visually by Potential Benefit, Time to Build, and Personal Interest.
πŸ“ˆ Plot your ideas visually
πŸ‘‰ Pick the best one
πŸš€ Start making it
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Hey PH, the Idea Picker is basically a digital version of my dri-erase board! πŸ’‘ It's a simple tool that compares your project ideas so you know which one to focus on. πŸ“ˆ Plot your ideas against each other πŸ‘‰ Pick the best one to make πŸš€ Start making it! You can also store the ideas so when you're ready for the next one nothing has to be re-entered.
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would like ability to show (a) amount per user; (b) option to show weekly / monthly / annual... subscriptions


simple tool to allow listing and comparison of ideas in mind, helping focus and selection for input.


no comment at present

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thanks for taking time to take a look and leave a review
Really helpful product - I strongly believe that visualization is a key part of idea generation!
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@rishika_sekhar thank you so much 😁
This looks very interesting, though I would want very different criteria for what to judge my ideas against. I mainly work in the arts, so things like monetary benefit and days before launch aren't as useful (the importance level one is pretty key though). Also, I feel like having them all on a similar scale to the importance level would be more helpful. I would reframe it as such: - How complex is this in terms of execution - How costly could this be - How much time would be necessary to work on this - How much energy would this project take - How resourced am I to do this - How important is this project (to me, to the world) - How keen/excited am I to do this project
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@creatrix_tiara this is very helpful, thank you!! Planning to add some options like this so folks can choose which criteria they want for their situation.
This looks like it would be amazing for the outcome driven innovation model. The difference was that they use Satisfaction and Importance as their parameters. I think those two parameters plus the expected income could make this a powerful tool.
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@ianwdj hey, thanks for the feedback!! planning to get all of these suggestions and update the chart so folks can select the criteria that works for them...that should be coming this week
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@awt amazing, for more context, both satisfaction and importance are a rating out of 10 in the ODI model
@ianwdj okay I will look into the ODI model a bit more
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@awt How has it being going with all the feedback so far?
@ianwdj got a lot of good feedback about different criteria that would be helpful...I'm behind on implementing though because I was traveling last week!
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