Hull for Zapier

Hull stitches the data, Zapier triggers the workflows

Hull for Zapier allows you to create 2 types of workflows:
- A Hull event on a User or Account triggers an action in your tool connected to Zapier
- A Zap triggers a creation/update or research on a User or Account inside Hull
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Hey Producthunt friends! 👋 We built Hull's Zapier integration to be much more than just a set of triggers and actions. We created a deep connection that unites Zapier’s best of breed workflow engine combined with Hull’s system of intelligence to create ultimate combo for personalization, allowing to go beyond everything you have ever used before. Happy to answer all your questions!
Long time user of both @hull and @zapier, I'm thrilled to see an official integration to enable me to create the most crazy and value add hacks!
As a big fan of Zapier and Hull, I'm excited to see the possibilities unlocked through this
Awesome! Good job!
Hull is now connected to the world ! congrats
@thibault_demeocq1 thanks, can't wait to see how you use our Zapier connector to update Users in Front!