Dollar for dollar, live chat is the best way to bring a personal touch to your sales and support teams, but is your business ready to adopt it? How can it benefit you? How do you go about picking the software that fits your business best? This is the definitive ebook on live chat for business, answering all these questions and more..

  • Pros: 

    integrate with Zoho CRM, lots of options to customize the chat vindow


    Nothing for now . Matches my expectations

    I have been using the chat app since Zoho launched it. It is super easy to set up and offers a way to interact with the website visitors. It has also a visitor tracking options that it is linked to CRM.

    It is part of the Zoho One package so for 30 dollars a month, I get to use all the Zoho products to run my business. I totally recommend it

    Carlos Aberdinas has used this product for one year.

    Remote login option , live chat, mobile apps


    Pricing is kind of confusing, not clear .

    Loved it. Moved from another live chat software, because of the remote login option.

    SABEER NELLIPARAMBAN has used this product for one week.
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Taru Bhargava
Taru Bhargava@tarubhargav · Freelance Content Marketer & Strategist
Great work as usual guys. Pretty comprehensive at the first glance. Loved the emphasis on the statistics! Zoho team is on a roll for sure :)
AmbiHunter@iambii · Head of partner development | Growth
@tarubhargav thanks, glad that you found the e-book useful.
AmbiHunter@iambii · Head of partner development | Growth
There are separate tools in the market for sales, support and engagement. But one tool can do all of this is live chat / messaging platform.  Where to start though? To make it easy for startups, small businesses and enterprise to choose a good online engagement tool, we made this buyers' guide. I hope the PH community finds it useful. Ask away any questions that you might have, we'll be here all day.
Lilach Bullock
Lilach Bullock@lilachbullock ·
Awesome guide - absolutely loved the stats! If you're considering getting live chat for your website or you're not sure what to look for, read this.
AmbiHunter@iambii · Head of partner development | Growth
@lilachbullock Thanks, Lilach!