How Much To Make A Video is a simple tool, built to help companies in a need of a product video, to understand how much their video should cost.

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Hi Everyone and thanks @benln for the hunt. I’m Yoav, Co-founder & CEO at @VeedMe and one of the creators of this tool. At, a video production marketplace, we get asked multiple times a day by clients “How much will it cost to make my video?" I actually get phone calls from friends few times a week, asking me for help in estimating their video costs before making it. How Much To Make a Video is a side project/tool we built in order to help people estimate the cost of their video. Based on videos that were produced through our system, we built a gamified experience that should help in not only estimating the cost of a video, but also with understanding all the varied elements that go into producing a video for those who are unfamiliar with the process. How Much To Make a Video was inspired by How Much To Make An App, built by Crew. This is our second side project at, following the success of @coverrco, our joint initiative with @CodersClan which was also launched here on awesome PH. I’ll be happy to hear your comments and answer any questions, except for how much a video costs ;)
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Pretty cool, asides from how much to make an app , wonder if there are other similar style projects. Ie for a website, book, anything else... A PH collection of How much to make X would be pretty cool at some point.
@benln Thanks! I agree, it could make the world much better lol. Actually, @pickcrew replicated the How Much To Make An App to a Making a website one here: These can be done for so many verticals. So it's definitely screaming "collection" ;)
@yoavush Awesome idea - these tools are incredibly handy. Great work and thanks for the shoutout :)
@michaelsacca Our pleasure, and yep - definitely handy! :)
Very nice hunt @benln . @yoavush big fan of Veedme's side projects!
@yoavvilner Thanks Yoav, appreciate the love :) I hope you kind find our tool useful for your great clients!
Hey Yoav, congrats on the hunt! Just went through the wizard, nicely done. Very focused and intuitive. As for the concept, that's an great idea that should've been thought of a long time ago :) I think that understanding the budget ballpark for video production is a major advantage for both client and creators. Matching expectations is very important for a healthy production process. I wish I had such wizards for everything that I buy! Good luck!
@ygurzeev Hey! thanks for the nice words! As you just said, and probably know from your own business - Setting expectations is one of the biggest challenges in making a video and I'm glad you found the experience we created here, intuitive and focused for that matter. I wish we'd thought of it long time ago as well, would've saved me and my team SO much time :)
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