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What do people think of BIGVU?

The community submitted 39 reviews to tell us what they like about BIGVU, what BIGVU can do better, and more.
What do you think about BIGVU?
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39 Reviews
Frank Spillers

Founder & Leadership

1 review
Very helpful!! I am launching a coaching process and trying this out for the first time to embed the video on my landing page. So much better than an off-the-cuff video where when you don't miss any important points.

Anmerie Gonzales
Just another entrapanuer
4 reviews
This is truly amazing what a clever idea ! bI highly recommend BIGVU . Im using it with ChatGPT and Google Appscript.

Larry Hartman
From Design-to-Code in one simple click!
20 reviews
An extremely useful tool for anyone in the online presentation space

Oida Industries
Digital Marketing Consultant
2 reviews
I love BigVu. They are constantly adding value with regular contributors in their community and regular updates to the platform.

Judy MacDonald (Sweet Success Lifestyle)
Food therapist, health coach
1 review
Bigvu teleprompter’s easy-to-use interface makes creating videos easy. With just a few clicks of the mouse, I can create professional-looking videos without needing any extra experience or knowledge of video editing software. It's a perfect business tool for beginners like myself. Using Bigvu means I spend less time on creating videos which frees up more time for me to take care of other aspects of my business

Hervé Muyal
Innovation @ Cisco
3 reviews
Very good app!

Philip Barnett
Real Estate Agent and entrepreneur.
1 review
I am new to bigvu. So far my experience has been A+. The fact that they offer training and webinars is very helpful as I start to utilize their tools in my marketing.

Wade Wright
Real Estate Wealth Consultant and Broker
1 review
Very professional. They have excellent guests, who provide great value and present the material for ease of retention.

Alina Petrovska
I’m UX/UI designer and design mentor
1 review
I love this app so much! The UX and UI part — both are so good❤️

Nathan Relles
2 reviews
I love using it.