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Good morning PHer's! Just a quick update - we've extended our super early bird campaign on Indiegogo for another day to allow PH members to get in on the ground floor and back us. You will receive a premium quality, personalized, hybrid mattress, in return, that is made for you and has the unique ability to evolve with you as your needs change. All you need to do (after backing us) is answer a 3 minute proprietary sleep quiz that will configure your perfect mattress for your needs and enable us to build a mattress to your unique specifications, wants and needs. HONGi has partnered with a Fortune 500 company to manufacture our amazing products and they are all made here in the USA! We really appreciate your support and welcome any questions or feedback you may have.
What material do you use for different layers?
@adiatlov there is a very detailed graph and description on our indiegogo page if you have more in depth questions afterwards I am more then happy to answer all of them.
@adiatlov @adiatlov Hi Alexander, please click on the photos at the top of this page to view the graphic of the materials we use. We use up to 10 different materials in our 5 layer mattress including inner coils, latex, poly foam, nano coils, memory foam, gel, gel swirl visco, and caliber coils. These are determined by your online configurator, which you can find on our site, https://hongi.com. Please note that your results from our configurator will not appear until after our indiegogo campaign is over. Here at HONGi we recognize you are unique and therefore, each mattress is comprised of specific materials that enable you to have the right mattress for you and your needs.
@peterleyhr thank you, Peter, I'll have a look!