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Hey all - We created this new home affordability calculator to help people who are in the market to buy a home, quickly and easily understand how much they can afford and provide personalized tips along the way. At NerdWallet, we aim to provide clarity for all of life's financial decisions, so we hope this calculator helps people navigate through the complicated home buying process. Let us know if you have any comments, feedback, questions!
What are the key differences between this and other housing affordability calculators on the web?
@iamjakestream Great question! Unlike other housing affordability calculators, this calculator helps you truly understand how the cost of home ownership will impact your overall budget and quality of life. We know that the amount of money a lender lets you borrow isn't necessarily the amount of mortgage debt you can afford given your other financial goals, so this helps you clearly see how taking on more mortgage debt will impact your expenses and savings for things like entertainment, vacations or saving for your child's education. This calculator also provides tips/insights to help guide you along the way as well as actionable next steps.
Hey just a little bit of UX feedback. Would love to be able to manually type in the income and debt areas. Forcing the user to click is arduous. Also in your "current income" section of the initial walkthrough you ask what "your current income" is, but what you actually mean is Household income. I didn't put my wife's income in initially, then to adjust it I had to click the up affordance a bunch.
@joshlikesdesign Thanks for the feedback! We are looking to update our stepper UI component to support user input values. Our stepper allows you to accelerate/decelerate if you click/push and hold, but I fully recognize this isn't obvious and that users want to be able to fine-tune to a precise number. We will make some copy and tooltip updates in the control panel on the right to ensure users are clear on what number they should be entering in. Thanks for using our calculator and the great feedback!