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Hey guys, looks like multiple people have questions about Hoko vs. Branch so moving this to its own comment. With Branch's offerings and Hoko entering the market - it's a good time to be a developer! Together we'll improve the ecosystem for developers and users. Here's what we're proud of at Branch. 1) Here at Branch, we think that providing the best experience on first using the app is essential to growth and engagement. It's important that this works well for every new user, in every use case, on every platform. Here is more information about our matching - https://dev.branch.io/recipes/ma... . To date, we have given over 100 million users a better first time experience with our links. 2) It's a massive task to make sure links work everywhere. We've spent a lot of engineering time making sure our links are supported on older operating systems and are up-to-date with constantly changing behavior on the major apps. We get into the weeds on this to help devs with issues like Android platform fragmentation - for example, our links work on the Facebook web view for both pre-Android 4.4 and post-Android 4.4 where the browser engine was altered to be based on Chrome. 3) We are also looking forward to stay ahead of changing deep link standards. Just integrating Branch means your app supports Google's App Indexing, Facebook's App Links, Apple's Universal Links, even Pinterest and Twitter's app content cards. 4) We've been working on a new onboarding flow for a while that we just launched - sign up and check it out! One you've been through the simple steps to integrate, we offer a variety of features like the ones you mention, Omar, and more - which makes complex behavior really easy to build. We're excited to see what you build! You're welcome to reach out to us if you have any questions.
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Thanks for your comments Mada. I was not expecting a new selling channel from you :-) but I'm happy to see you around. Just to summarise. With HOKO, you can do all the great things that you are mentioning although: - We do it in a simple and lean way. Because that’s what people want. If we really want to bring deep linking to EVERYONE, it means building an amazing product that anyone can understand and use. Thinking of an iPhone ;-) And we are taking it into a new level. HOKO is building a whole re-engagement platform. A platform in which apps can create dynamic connections with each other, in a way that they can move and drive traffic. Growth will lose relevance, as apps gain higher re-engagement rates. We believe the world of mobile will change exponentially over the coming years, with apps decoupling from the web, and new ecosystems, created purely for mobility emerging. We are building the technology that will enable mobile apps to engage - both with their customers, but mainly with each other.
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Hi there! I’m Joaquin (cofounder/CEO at HOKO). Great to have our product featured! HOKO offers a tool for developers that want to integrate the new Google and Apple's deep linking and indexation standards into their Apps, and enjoy a higher flexibility to control and track their links from a single dashboard. We also help developers go beyond Apple and Google’s capabilities, with some advanced tools such as linking though install (deferred deep linking), and metadata passing. Two features that can create amazing user experiences, like personalised landing pages after install. We are also working on a tool that will help you exchange traffic with other apps installed in the same device through deep linking; there are hundreds of services that help you drive new installs; we are building one of the very first for re-engagement. Our exclusive offer: HOKO is 100% free, but we are giving every Product Hunter one hour of real hands on support to help you take the most out of deep linking. Additionally, we can give you early access to our re-engagement platform. We are very much looking forward to all your feedback on our product! Thanks in advance!
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@joaquinfigaredo Curious to know what are your thoughts on Universal Links which Apple announced at WWDC 15 and if this affects HOKO in any way positive or negative
@goelv @joaquinfigaredo We've just posted a blog post about that! It goes into details on how to implement Universal Links. For TL;DR; - we embrace Universal Links (basically they make the overall user experience much better) and we're already compatible with Universal Links for iOS 9+. Check the blog post if you want: http://blog.hokolinks.com/how-to...
@rikas @joaquinfigaredo thanks for sharing ! I definitely did not realise all the drawbacks of universal links (besides iOS 9+ dependency) until you guys brought it up. You've given me some food for thought now.. BTW - You guys are so incredible for writing down the steps of how to get started with universal links ! You basically saved everyone from watching the 50 minute session on 'seamless linking'. I know because I already saw it!
@goelv Thanks Varun! I'm really glad you found it useful! We know first hand how poor the documentation and general info around universal links have been from the big guys. We'll make sure to keep simplifying the deep linking adoption anyway we can.
Hi! I’m Ricardo, HOKO’s CTO and as some of you already noticed I’m a very big fan of Seinfeld (easter egg on our landing page!). Our platform works smoothly with the new iOS 9 and Android M deep linking standards, but it also supports all iOS 5 and Android 1.6 and higher. You don’t have to worry about having legacy problems, or broken experiences. Shoot me any technical question that you might have!
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Hi guys! This one's for the mobile developers out there... HOKO has taken the latest mobile deep linking standards and technologies, and make them easily accessible for all iOS and Android developers - it means that you can bring users into any location within your app and even trigger actions from outside the app (eg. add a product to your cart from a link within your newsletter). It's pretty cool. Hopefully their founders Joaquin and Ricardo can tell you more!
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