Email collaboration platform to manage shared inboxes

An email collaboration platform built for G Suite, Hiver lets teams manage shared inboxes like sales@ support@ right from Gmail.

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Hi, I'm Niraj - maker of Hiver. We built the Shared Mailboxes feature in Hiver to make it super easy for teams to manage their sales and support - right from your Gmail. Hiver turns your Gmail into a powerful helpdesk. With Hiver, you can deal with customer support and sales emails right from your Gmail, without having to adapt to another tool. You can easily delegate emails to your team, keep track of who is doing what, and be alerted when someone from your team is typing a response to an email. Do try this out, and let me know what you think.
I assume this will only work in Gmail's web interface, so no way to use this on the go?
@romanzadyrako Roman, we're ready with our iOS app - releasing in August. Android will follow soon after.
@nirajr @romanzadyrako iOS coming earlier than Android for an app that works on top of gmail ? Dictated by prevalence of the OS ? -- Niche Techie
@120by80yards @romanzadyrako Yes - we just polled our users and found most people want iOS. I guess Google Apps usage has got nothing to do with which phone OS people are on.
Access and manage shared mailboxes right from your Gmail account. See new unassigned emails, assign them to your team-mates and see who is doing what using a simple sidebar in Gmail. Assign any email received in the shared mailbox to any of your team-mates using just two clicks in your Gmail. Communicate with your team around emails in the shared mailbox using shared notes on email conversations.
We were testing Zendesk for more than 2 months and found it confusing, having too many features and at the same time not providing enough customization. We just switched to support via our gmail compromising on many things but being able to chat with customers just via regular email. We dislike those standard support emails with confusing history of a conversation in the email and 'write above this line' feature. Hiver sounds like something exactly what we are looking for. Excited to start testing it.
@dansodkiewicz Thanks for your note. Yes - doing customer support through Gmail is extremely natural, but it gets unwieldy if you have high query volume, and if you have a team that works with you customer support. Hiver will help you deal with both the problems. Hiver makes it very easy for you to delegate emails, and keep everything clean by people just having to focus on queries that are assigned to them. Plus, we also let you write notes on email conversations (like chat, but in the context of the email conversation), tell you when someone else is also replying to an email that you're replying to, and store and embed email templates with just a couple of clicks. Try it out, and let me know. You can write to me directly at
@nirajr contacted you few days ago via email , wondering if you have received my message. I am testing your product and I cannot find how I can create auto responder which can be sent to users, you know something like 'thank you, we have received your email and will contact you shortly.'
Fantastic product! Email collaboration have always been a pain. Kudos @nirajr !
@mohnish_bahal Thanks a lot. Yes - email was never built for the stuff that we use it for now, yet people love (or love to hate) email, and stick to it for the strangest of use-cases. We, at Hiver, look at email as a platform, and believe that with some enhancements and structure, email can really go a long way.