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"Behind the scenes at HiOperator"
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@nivo0o0 As the CTO, all I can think about this is "vulnerable to a competitor walking by with a laser pointer" haha
@phil_salesses lol made me laugh 😊
@nivo0o0 10/10 best comment evar
Hi everyone! I’m the co-founder of HiOperator along with @philsalesses and we’re excited to share what we’ve been working on. We provide scalable multichannel customer support as a service staffed by Americans. We believe that startups and companies should be able to outsource customer service - including for overflow and after hours support - without suffering drops in quality and losing out on customer learnings. Our goal is to keep customer service agents in the process and make them more efficient by integrating bits of tech into the workflow - i.e. automating order capturing and using adaptive UIs. Happy to answer any questions either here or at liz@hioperator.com. Would love any and all feedback! We love learning about what’s most important to you and your company when it comes to supporting your customers. :)
Hi all, I'm the other HiOperator founder, Phil. On a plane back to SF now but United WiFi is holding up, so send us your questions.
@phil_salesses Cool concept, congrats Phil (and hi!)
@elizabethtsai does anyone else find "Staffed by Americans" as funny as I do?! I mean I get it, but lol!
@elizabethtsai hi! Are you planning to offer multilingual support? If you are using American agents you can give them multilingual super-powers with Unbabel.com so they can read and write in multiple languages. Let us know if you want to talk about it.
I have to say that I think you have an awesome product. I think it is great that in order to solve the problems in the customer service space that you actually built a service instead of the 1,000,000,000,000,001th helpdesk SASS product. The pricing seems very affordable (considering what it is replacing). If I wanted after hours support it would probably require a minimum of 2 employees, probably 3 employees when you consider alternating shifts and so forth (thats about $10K in salaries) and for most companies those employees would have a couple calls a night is all. So is it worth it? Probably not, which is why most companies (mine included) don't offer after hours support. It only makes sense when you have enough ongoing calls all night long to finally keep that minimal staff busy. So its awesome for a service like this to come in and for $150/mo plus a-la-carte pricing per call I can offer 24 hours support but really only pay for that one or two calls a night that might come in. Such a genius move. Good luck with everything. Most of the products we see on productHunt anymore are just silly quick cash grabs but this looks like a service that could really turn into a meaningful and valuable business.
@_jacurtis Thanks for the note! We know this isn't a sexy industry or a viral app but we think it's something that matters to a lot of companies and is a real pain point - both for companies and for contact center agents today. if you want to drop me a note at liz@hioperator.com, we'd love to talk more about your after hours support.
As a customer, I hate speaking to a machine. But as a start-up founder, it's hard to get work done if I'm on the phone 24/7! Love what y'all are doing! Also.. customer analytics is an great cherry on top
Very nice! After hours support is big thing for us -- considering the fact that we operate in a different time zone. HiOperator would probably add years back to my life when I'm no longer doing 4 a.m. support calls personally anymore :D