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A modern, open-source Helpdesk alternative.

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This looks solid! I'd love to know if they're planning to add feature voting.
@imakestrides Currently there is support for thread and reply voting in the support community, is this what you mean?
@scottmillerio Hey Scott! That can be useful for sure, but I'm thinking of something specifically designed for voting on features with upvotes, like UserVoice and GetSatisfaction.
@imakestrides I know its probably not as complete as UserVoice, etc. but what about this:
@scottmillerio That's a great MVP of feature voting for sure! It gets the job done without overcomplicating things. Great work on the whole project!
@scottmillerio good job buddy keep the good work...
Damn, this looks neat! I shall definitely take this for a test drive & implement with v2 of Connected.
Hi Guys, Scott here- principal creator of Helpy, although it wouldn't be possible without an awesome group of contributors! I am so excited to have been hunted! I have been planning to submit Helpy, but hadn't yet. Looking forward to sharing what I have built and telling everyone more!
@scottmillerio Hey Scott, I am the one who submitted Helpy, I hope I didn't ruin your plans to submit yourself :< I got so excited when I found it I had to share it with everyone, it's awesome!
@tomaswilliamsa A million thanks Tomas! It's so much better and more validating to get an "organic" submission, and it saved me the time needed to find a power user to submit it. Thanks again!
BTW you can find the github repo here
@deambulando Thanks for posting that!
This is awesome! I'll definitely use it for Maître! Do you plan to support S3 for images?
@mnlfrgr Initially my goal was to get something up and going, and Cloudinary makes the who image piece really trivial. S3 support is a great idea and I am sure it will be added at some point, either by the core team or an external contributor.
@scottmillerio Thanks man, looking forward to use it!