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I am super excited to announce our official 1.0 release, packed with a long list of amazing new features since we were first “discovered” on PH six months ago. Today represents a major milestone for me personally and also the many contributors who have helped build Helpy. I wanted to add contributors as makers, but I would run out of space and although some (of you) have done more than others, I value everyone who has jumped onto this project. It certainly would not be possible without you, or the sponsors who have stepped up to support Helpy as well. Helpy includes a refreshingly beautiful support ticketing helpdesk, tightly integrated with tools to build a world class self-service support site. It is all available in 19 languages, 100% translated by the community. You can install Helpy on your servers for free by getting your copy on GitHub at or if you prefer to skip the headaches of setting up your own server- you’ll find a fully hosted version on our site.
@scottmillerio Is there a limit on the file size of attachments? for the hosted and self hosted versions
@sicnarftea on the hosted there is a limit of around 20mb, although you could use your own storage account on Cloudinary and then I suppose you could go bigger. Helpy also handles attachments via email (and sends them too). These are subject to limitations imposed by email providers. This is true with the self installed version also.
We are using it for our support at evlaa and that's great!! It's working well and very easy to set up. You can see our version at Thanks Scott for this great job; Cheers
This is brilliant work @Scottmillerio . We will start contributing to Helpy from now. Thank you for making a wonderful Helpdesk platform.
@imkarthikk We are always welcome to new contributors! Thanks for your compliments!
We are using helpy in production on to handle mobile phone after sales customer requests for the Fairphone. Helpy helps us to keep on track with issues in a clean, modern and open source manner! We wouldn't know what to do without it. It integrates really well in our software ecosystem (Slack integration available) and is a lot of fun to use. Last but not least, scott and the devteam is insanely active in development and highly responsive on support questions and upcoming issues! Give it a try!
@uru_ch Thanks for your kind words :)
WHY is this not actually demo'd on your landing page? I don't want a video, I want to see you using it yourselves! @helpyapp @scottmillerio