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Add easy to use and meaningful interactive tours to your web app in minutes. HelpHero provides you with a platform for creating great onboarding experiences without requiring engineering input.


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Jonas BudelmannMaker@cloudkite · Founder of @GetHelpHero
Hi everyone! 🙌 Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to add great help and onboarding experiences to their websites. HelpHero provides a platform that empowers product and marketing teams to create amazing onboarding experiences without having to involve developers! Here are some key features and benefits of HelpHero: 1) Easy to use editor Our visual tour editor lets you instantly create and customize your tours in real-time, with no coding required. You can add rich text and media to enhance your tours (e.g. formatted text, images, videos, links etc). 2) Analytics HelpHero’s analytics helps you understand how viewers are interacting with your tours, so you can identify opportunities for improving user experience. 3) User targeting Configure your tours to target specific users. This ensures users are shown the most relevant tours based on their language, device, browser and even custom user properties. 4) Tour links Integrate interactive tours into your other support channels to give users the best possible experience. Use HelpHero links to share your tours via email, documentation or live chat. 5) Javascript API Enables you to start your tours through an API for more advanced use cases. If you want to see HelpHero in action head here for some interactive tours: Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions! 👋
Wade StriebelPro@wadestriebel · Founder of Socializd
This almost made me miss my train! Spent 15 minutes testing it out and am already hooked, we will be rolling this out on Socializd over the next week or so 😃
Jonas BudelmannMaker@cloudkite · Founder of @GetHelpHero
@wadestriebel Thanks so much for trying us out! Ping me if you want a demo or some help rolling out :D
Wade StriebelPro@wadestriebel · Founder of Socializd
@cloudkite I would be interested in setting up a communication channel with you, if you don't mind! I would love to give some feedback/future feature suggestions as we roll out 😃
Jonas BudelmannMaker@cloudkite · Founder of @GetHelpHero
@wadestriebel Of course you can email me directly at, had a look at socializd can imagine that being a great help for me! I'm terrible at managing my social media 😅
Jennifer Tee@teeleaf8
Great tool for customer onboarding, loving the ease and simplicity to implement!
Jonas BudelmannMaker@cloudkite · Founder of @GetHelpHero
@teeleaf8 Great having your onboard! Thanks for your support and feedback 🙏
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job !! 😊 Will check it out
Jonas BudelmannMaker@cloudkite · Founder of @GetHelpHero
@ayush_chandra Awesome, look forward to your feedback! Let me know if you'd like a demo or need help getting started
Fiona Adler@fiona_adler · Founder @Actioned, Writer @DoTheThings
Hi Jonas, Just wondering, can this be implemented using Google Tag Manager? I'm a new startup and looking to give users a tour / tips on how to use my app but without bogging down my developers. Thanks