Simple ticketing system for teams.

Meet HelpDesk – a ticketing system designed to be the simplest tool there is to manage email communication with customers.
We created HelpDesk with two goals in mind: to cut down the efforts of your support team and to make your support emails more friendly..
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We know that super-formal automated help desk emails can spook your customers out. So, here's HelpDesk with its easy-going vibe combined with the simplicity of design. HelpDesk has features that encourage collaboration within your team and speed up your response time. What's more, HelpDesk emails look like standard emails. You won't find any templates or footers in the emails sent from the HelpDesk dashboard. Your customers get only the response you want them to see, no fluff attached. Ultimately, we want you to build friendly connections with your customers. Without too much effort involved. Check out HelpDesk and let us know what you think!
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@rafaumu how would you compare to the large number of other 'simple ticketing' systems that already exist? Trying to find what your unique perspective or angle is on this, but it seems extremely similar to all the 'non-ticketing ticketing systems'. Helpscout, Gorgias, etc.
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@rafaumu @jcwinter Hi! We're just starting out, but we have plenty of ideas to implement in the upcoming months. We want to make HelpDesk a simple ticketing system with advanced automation capacities, so stay tuned! At the same time, we’d like to allow our users to fully customize their emails, mailboxes and their HelpDesk dashboard. You know, to make HelpDesk truly match your needs and workflow. We're a part of a bigger family (LiveChat, and, so you can expect some cool integrations very soon :)
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HelpDesk is a new LiveChat's baby, dedicated for those who need a simple ticketing system.
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Loved the idea !!!!!
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@sohail9845 Thanks a lot!
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@rafaumu @eulerr Ah, staph it! Although it was a bit difficult to make the video since the doggo's attention span was around 10 seconds :P
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@aga_jaskiewicz @eulerr Many thanks from the HelpDesk team :) What did you like the most?
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