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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 18, 2019
With Knowledge base 📖 in HelpCrunch you can:
📚 Create beautiful SEO-optimized help articles in minutes
💬 Send articles to customers and assist them further via chat
🌟 Provide 5-star customer self-service and minimize your support volume.
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What’s up product hunters 😻? @kevin many thanks for hunting us! In our mission to empower businesses to improve their customer support with smarter tools, we at HelpCrunch are launching a new product - Knowledge Base for customer self-service. We’ve spent months on research, development, and beta testing it with our loyal users and would love for you to check it out. With our new Knowledge Base, you can create help articles like FAQs and product guides in which customers can instantly find answers to their questions, on their own. We’ve found that providing self-service customer support does not only keep your customer satisfaction at the same level as chat, but also helps you: - Deliver instant answers to customers 24/7 - Receive fewer of the same support requests - Minimize your inbound support volume and, thus, your teamload. What’s so awesome about HelpCrunch Knowledge Base 📖? Your question has been heard (quite a few times before actually), so here’s the instant answer to it from one of our knowledge base articles: 📚 You can create and publish beautiful help articles in minutes thanks to a powerful, yet dead simple to use, WYSIWYG editor. To be honest, it gets quite addictive. Earlier this week, I started with just an article draft and found myself publishing the fifth article in a row in like 1.5 hours. 💬 Send articles to customers and assist them further via chat. Once a customer asks you a question in chat, you can search for a relevant knowledge base article right inside the chatbox. You can then preview an article and send it to a customer in one click. 🔍 Optimize your articles for SEO through meta data editing so that customers can find you and your content faster. 📈 Track reports that let you see which queries your customers searched for, but couldn’t find a relevant article. Also, you will see which articles received poor ratings that need your attention and revision. 👁️ Customize the look&feel and set up a custom domain name for your knowledge base for more style and convenience. A quick note: our Knowledge Base product is a part of the HelpCrunch all-in-one customer communication platform aiming to help you not only improve customer support, but also increase conversions on your website/product and close more sales deals, in real time. So we’d love for you to start building your very own Knowledge Base and explore other tools including live chat, email marketing automation, and help desk. Moreover, we’ve got a special offer for all Product Hunters to take advantage of: 🎁 Exclusive 30% discount code: DISCO30 (on all plans, valid in the next 48 hours, for new users only) To redeem the code, just send it to us in chat. Aaand if you really like DISCOs, there is a little ‘easter egg’ somewhere on this page with an even bigger surprise. Can you find it? Feedback? Questions? We’re here all day to answer those.
Great product! Great intercom alternative. I always recommend it to people.
@aazar_ali_shad Thanks so much! Appreciate your support
Love this tool as it is affordable, very easy-to use and now it seems that it becomes a serious competitor to industry leaders. Keep doing guys!
@vic_abed Thank you so much, Victoria. We're going to add a lot more to our product family within the next year.
Awesome product, wish you good luck guys and to hit #1 product of the day :)
@maltseva_i Appreciate it!
Great job HelpCrunch, keep it up! Will share the love with my colleagues and followers.
@olga_mykhoparkina That's amazing, thanks for the love Olga!