Hear and Now

Delightful way to reduce stress and clear your mind

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I'm the guy awkwardly acting in the gif. If anyone would like me to do an AMA about what I'm wearing, or my breathing, let me know.
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Hey everyone, my company has worked on this app for over 2 years and I'm super excited it's finally out in the wild! Totally expecting some bugs... but I'll just do a breathing session to deal with any stress that crops up as a result :-) Feel free to direct any comments or questions my way and I hope you get some valuable insights out of Hear and Now!
So I just downloaded it and played with it.... It's pretty cool. I'm wondering how you guys are measuring the pulse rate by touching the camera. That is pretty cool tech😉
@dredurr it's a technique called Photoplethysmogram (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ph...) you can read more about that in this link http://apple.stackexchange.com/a...
@betzerra Thanks Ezequiel! I had never heard of this. I'm having one of those "What are they going to think of next" moments🙃
That's exactly right @dredurr, thanks for the reply! Glad you think it's cool @betzerra, we're working hard to make it cool enough that people want to use it ever day.
Just downloaded it and loved the user experience. Looking forward to using this several times per day to ensure I take the time for some much needed deep breaths throughout the day.
@thebizguy That's what we love to hear!
Dope idea, especially as a supplement to people starting out with meditation. Also, can see it helping in terms of anxiety attacks. Look forward to checking it out.
@tiffy4u awesome! Thanks Tiffy, I'm going to quote you on the company Slack as saying it's 'dope'. The dev team will get a kick out of that :-)