Hawkeye 2.0

Learn where people look in your products.

Hawkeye is a user testing platform that uses eye tracking to deliver unparalleled insights into user behavior. Conduct eye tracking tests using an iPhone or iPad, no extra hardware needed.
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Hey Product Hunt, Matt from Hawkeye Labs here! Super excited to introduce Hawkeye 2.0: a new testing platform that uses eye tracking to deliver unparalleled insights into user behavior. ✨👀 When we launched an early access version of the Hawkeye iOS app on Product Hunt last spring, we were blown away by the response. Over the last few months, we've been building out our full vision for a user testing platform. Hawkeye 2.0 lets you create, view, and share tests from our new web dashboard. You can easily invite participants to complete remote tests on their own devices in their own time. Using the TrueDepth camera on newer iOS devices, Hawkeye tracks where participants look during the test without any extra hardware. This lets you play back screen recordings showing where participants look and view heatmaps of the most-viewed areas in your product. Best of all, Hawkeye was designed from the ground up with great UX in mind so you can enjoy conducting your tests. In fact, you can even try out participating in a test! Give it a go and be a part of our Product Hunt user study: https://invites.usehawkeye.com/s... Features: - Send remote eye tracking tests 🎥 - View screen recordings and heatmaps 🔥 - Easily share results with your team 💌 Sign up now for free! I'd love to hear your feedback and am happy to answer any questions :)
Having been fortunate to been using Hawkeye for some time, I can confirm that it does indeed deliver and feels like the future of user testing happening right before your eyes.
@owens Thanks Hunter, can't thank you enough for helping test out Hawkeye :)
Congrats guys :)
@jrdngonen Thanks so much!
@carrabre Thanks Alex, can't wait to keep evolving the product!
Is it possible to create and measure custom events like a user looking at a certain element for a period of time?
@lachlankirkwood 👋 Hey Lachlan, thanks so much for the comment! This is definitely something we're working on. Soon, while viewing a heat map you'll be able to mouse over UI elements to get exact stats on when the user began looking at the element and for how long. We're also looking to add an export feature that will let you download the raw numbers for all the elements on the page.
@thefuturematt Sounds great, looking forward to seeing this ship!