Hasura K8S Platform Hub

Get boilerplates & ready made apps to clone, modify & deploy

#3 Product of the DayDecember 08, 2017

Hasura k8s platform Hub is a collection of boilerplates that you can clone, modify and deploy to kickstart your application development on Kubernetes. For example, you can find a slack bot, an ARKit integration, schemas for e-commerce apps, or even a React Native starter kit wired up with a NativeBase UI kit, Expo.io & a hasura k8s platform backend

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Hi all! We're super excited to have Hasura Hub hunted (thanks heaps Kevin!). We had launched Hasura.io earlier in the year (producthunt.com/posts/hasura) to help devs build powerful applications fast. Hasura gives you instant backend APIs on postgres + a PaaS powered by Kubernetes. Hasura Hub is a collection of boilerplates and readymade applications that you can clone, modify and deploy to kickstart your application development. For example - a react native project is wired up with a NativeBase UI kit, expo.io & a Hasura backend that you can clone and deploy in minutes. Hub also has sample applications for a slack bot, a messenger bot, e-commerce schemas, a simple AR app with AR Kit & Clarifai, etc. The feature of Hasura that makes 'hub' possible is that every Hasura project is declarative, i.e, everything about a Hasura project can be configured through text files and checked into version control. Let us know if you'd like to see any specific boilerplates or sample apps or if you have any other questions! Here is the link to our HackerNews post: https://news.ycombinator.com/ite...
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Project looks great but I'm here for the branding.
@frantzlight Haha thanks! But do give us a try and let us know your thoughts :)

Love the boilerplate code base I can use to get started easily and the deployment features.


Love the simplicity and flexibility!


Not too many people know about this tool! It’s a real find !

This is fantastic. Great work guys! I never liked the idea of starting a project from scratch. Rebuilding the same components over and over can get quite tedious. Now, I guess I won't have to 😁
My web application is front end system. Not much happens on the serverside (User authentication and simple file storing is the only serverside work). Hasura seems like a perfect deal for my web app. Will look forward for your production ready systems.