Happeo ❤ Slack

Google-partnered social intranet launches Slack integration

We at Happeo ❤ Slack. We’ve sent them love letters. Bouquets. We even serenaded them – it worked. Happeo now integrates with Slack, completing any organization’s communication ecosystem. Use Slack for instant communications, and Happeo for company updates and knowledge sharing.

Now your organization can choose where the conversation takes place.

  • Mustafa El Maghrabi
    Mustafa El MaghrabiJust another product dude

    Synchronization Slack Integration


    No freemium version to test.

    was wondering what are the main differentiators compared to jostle or facebook’s workplace?

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  • Nasreen Akter
    Nasreen AkterMarketing

    Sounds very good



    Would definitely try !

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Hey everyone! We're the makers of Happeo and we're all HUGE fans of Slack. So we're pumped to get this integration out to everyone today. Let us know if you have any questions, feedback or suggestions 😃
Using both products, each are great in the features they offer: Happeo offers structure and can be compared to a central nervous system in the human body. Adding slack would then be the equivalent to learning a new skill. With both as partners, Happeo and slack, in my opinion, is being tailored to fit multiple users to work seemlessly with each other. 😃 Great job to you guys.
@stefan_wuethrich Thanks for the kind words!
Love that you love Slack! This integration takes the meaning of unified digital workplace to the next level; I am a daily user of both Happeo and Slack, it is a great news to know that, from now on, it will be so easy to work with both the tools at the same moment! Thanks for your work 😄
@_annap94 We <3 Slack, and we <3 you!
A perfect integration of many great features and for a single purpose: to improve productivity and the internal communication of your company. I can assure you that this is a great combination when your main goal is to progress professionally. I am thoroughly satisfied with my daily use of both products!
@paumr96 Thanks for the comment! Glad you like to use it 😃
Great news! This integration with Slack means the real meaning of the all-in-one enterprise social intranet for Happeo and allows users to never miss important news and conversations. Thanks for your work:)