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Happeo is the leading all-in-one digital workplace platform that empowers internal communicators to connect with employees in entirely new ways. The platform brings together intranet, collaboration, and social networking into one unified solution - and connects perfectly to Google's G Suite.

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  • Tapio Pippuri
    Tapio PippuriDigital services and basketball fanatic.

    Transparent communications, G Suite integrations, enhanced collaboration and knowledge sharing and management.


    When transforming from "traditional" intranet, deploying Happeo often demands cultural shift and strong change management.

    Great solution for building a robust and flexible digital workspace for your employees. Development pace for the product is fast and the product team clearly listen to customer needs and wishes.

    Tapio Pippuri has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    One communications and news hub to rule them all. Very user-centric and easily integrated with productivity tools such as G Suite Business.


    Not yet perfect in all of its versatile features, but quickly getting there :)

    Really happy to use this platform which makes collaboration with my team so much easier and efficient.

    Katja Järveläinen has used this product for one year.
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Vesa Sironen
Vesa SironenMaker@vesa
Happeo was born out of a need to replace Sharepoint for a large company that recently moved to G Suite. While at it, we worked with users (both existing and potential ones) to ensure it's not going to be a graveyard for files, but rather an active place for smarter work. There's enough toil and trouble in everybodys' lives already, so it is our goal to make things smoother at work. We are working hard to provide an excellent API and integrations to the products people love to work with. It was natural to start with G Suite, since it's something that most use every day. Feedback is one of the important things that keep us going, so please don't hesitate to send it our way!
Goldy Arora
Goldy Arora@goldy_arora · Goldy Arora
This looks great, am curious how is it different than LumApps?
Meredith Silver
Meredith SilverMaker@meredith_silver
@goldy_arora Great question! The main difference is the core functionality - Lumapps has developed social features on top of a pure intranet platform. That's why their traditional intranet part is very strong, but when it comes to collaboration features, they are not fulfilling the needs of the enterprise. Happeo, however, is equally balanced between dynamic collaboration and static intranet content. The content in LumApps is very admin-driven and needs a lot of maintenance by IT and Internal Comms. Users cannot easily create new channels and pages themselves and freely engage around topics. The Happeo platform focuses on collaboration with co-workers for ultimate efficiency, so we have enabled lots of Happeo to be user-created content. LumApps also needs a lot of templates and configuration to set up new pages and communities. It is difficult to let departments manage their own content, so the admins are heavily involved and it often becomes a full time job to manage. Because there's a lot of maintenance and up-keep, you run the risk of content becoming out of date quickly. Also, Happeo and LumApps have different G Suite integration levels. Their platform lacks file previews, important files, smart calendar integration, events, channel collaborative features, and more within the G Suite space. One of the main issues is that you will need to leave LumApps to collaborate. And we believe working within one single unified hub is the key to utmost efficiency and productivity. Hope this helps a bit, and feel free to let us know if you have additional questions :)
Goldy Arora
Goldy Arora@goldy_arora · Goldy Arora
@meredith_silver Thank you, great and thoughtful summary, now am surprised why did i hear too late about it:). I am a G Suite consultant help organizations transition to G Suite (including LumApps), would keep you in mind and ask for more information when next opportunity knocks. Great going.
Meredith Silver
Meredith SilverMaker@meredith_silver
@goldy_arora Sounds great, you can reach our team at info@happeo.com, should an upcoming opportunity arise!
Olivier Chanoux
Olivier Chanoux@olivier_chanoux
@goldy_arora I love the answer made by Meredith! test our solution and compare it ... the best way to make your own opinon instead of listening to oriented comments ;-) Last someone teached me years ago when i had my 1st jobs: always talk about your product, the one that speak about others show weaknesses! @your disposal.