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Hi there! I just launched HALF few weeks ago 🚀. It started with the idea to create pictures with your friends by getting direct reactions. I was a big fan of Facebook's @slingshotcrew, as of @Pleekapp, and I thought it was worth give it a try 🙌 While most of photo-messaging apps feel like "Hey look at what I'm doing!", I want Half to be more like "Hey what can you reply to this?!" A lot of people are asking for reactions on Snapchat, and on Half you can scroll between all your followers replies to see their answers. Can't wait to get some feedbacks! And thanks @lucchaissac for the hunt!
Reminds me of an app @billychasen and team made called Halfie.
@rrhoover @billychasen definitely loved Halfie, few apps tried ideas like this but most of them have been terminated... For Half, I don't want to stop with the simple vertical and horizontal layout, we can definitely find a lot of great way to combine two photos together 🌆🏙
@rrhoover : Halfie which reminded you of Frontback https://www.producthunt.com/post... Lol