Frontback 2.0

World's most entertaining photo community, now w/ reactions

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Frontback launched as a very simple product, without a few features you would normally expect in a social app. Most notably missing, were comments. You could like a photo but you couldn't reply or interact with someone else in a more meaningful way. This was one of the first questions I asked @fredd when I first met him months ago. He and the team have been very thoughtful in what they add to the product, to keep it relatively simple. Reactions are a nice a addition. P.S. I wrote an essay last year: Frontback: The Gift and Curse of Selfies
@rrhoover Let's add a little M to this post :) Thanks for sharing Ryan.
@fredd way to go on taking it a step further with images. it's fun!
I love FrontBack. I've been using it on and off for months, it's a very special and cool community now too that weirdly seems to have A LOT of Japanese people on it too.